ACT COVID Lockdown extended until 2 September

August 16, 2021 | Posted in Cook premises, CQ Administration | By

Today the ACT COVID Lockdown was extended until at least 2 September. This means that Canberra Quilters in-person activities continue to be suspended for the same period. So no use of the Canberra Quilters room for anything.

Further information will be provided when it becomes available.

Don’t forget to post images of your lockdown quilting activities in the CQ Members page on Facebook. We can still keep up with each other that way!

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ACT COVID Lockdown- All CQ events cancelled until 19/8

August 12, 2021 | Posted in Cook premises, CQ Administration | By

The ACT will go into COVID lockdown at 5pm today (12 August), for 7 days.

This means that ALL Canberra Quilters events are cancelled. This includes the Modern Group tonight, Art Quilters on Saturday,  various friendship groups, Sit & Sew sessions and Wonderful Wednesday next week.

Further information will be provided when it becomes available.


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August Evening Meeting via Zoom- 6 August

August 3, 2020 | Posted in CQ Administration, Meetings | By

We are again holding a Zoom meeting on Thursday evening, August 6th, see the details below.  This meeting will be our resumed AGM, so we need to have as good an audience as we can manage.

To join the meeting you will need to follow the link below and login using the password. We would also like any members to attend to be prepared for a virtual show and tell of what you have been up to with your needles during the shutdown.

To join the meeting click below on Thursday evening.

Katie Ley is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting – virtual meeting room will open 07:20 PM on Thursday

Meeting ID: 814 5796 4709

AGM Documents

AGM President’s Report for 2019
AGM Treasurer’s Report for 2019
Profit and Loss 2019
Balance Sheet 2019
Audit Certificate


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COVID-19 Safety Plan

July 24, 2020 | Posted in Cook premises, CQ Administration | By

The purpose of this plan is to maintain the health of our members, many whom fall within the high risk category due to age or underlying health issues. The Canberra Quilters (CQ) Committee asks all members to comply with these steps to enable the room to remain open and for members to meet.

This Plan will be subject to amendment as restrictions are lifted by the ACT Government to ensure that CQ continues to comply with relevant requirements.
The Committee has set the room capacity at 12.

In view of the limited number able to attend meetings, Friendly Friday and various special interest group meetings are suspended. Attendances at the room will be for sit and sew purposes only. Members are to bring all their own equipment as no borrowing or sharing of CQ or QFO equipment (including machines) will be permitted at this time.

Members are also required to bring their own cups, tea/coffee, milk and refreshments as no gathering/ socialising will be permitted at the kitchen end.
In the current climate, the Committee asks that members do not invite visitors to attend the room. This is to enable as many members as possible to participate.
Library – other than books being returned in the return box, no library will be conducted on sewing days. Library will be undertaken separately and managed under additional guidelines.

While in the room, members are to comply with ACT health requirements regarding social distancing (1.5 metres); hand washing and cough etiquette hygiene.

1) If a member feels ill in any way, that member is to stay home and not attend the room.

2) On arrival, a member will sanitise their hands. Some members may prefer to wash their hands in accordance with the hand washing protocol. Should a member leave the room for any reason, their hands are to be sanitised/washed on return.
The volunteer/coordinator will undertake the “signing in” process for the member and will confirm with the attendee they are feeling well prior to that member taking a place in the room. Should the member advise of any feeling of not being well, the coordinator will ask them to leave.
If the number of members wishing to attend exceeds the approved number, the coordinator/volunteer will be required to ask those members to wait outside if other members are departing, or ask the members to leave. A separate exit is to be used to room entry.

3) Prior to departure, each member will undertake the cleaning protocol mentioned below of the space they occupied. This will be done when the member departs for the day, whether it is during or at the end of a session.

4) On departure, the volunteer/coordinator will sign the member out. The member will leave by the designated exit door.

5) Good air circulation by opening a window (or door when possible) should be undertaken whenever practicable.

6) Room bookings will be limited to three (3) hour blocks to enable cleaning.

7) Members are to bring all their own sewing items to minimise any sharing. Members are to provide their own cups and refreshments including tea and coffee. Crockery, glasses, tea towels or cutlery currently housed at CQ are not to be used. At the end of the session, all members’ items brought into the room are to be removed.

8) The kitchen area is not to be used for socialising as the physical distancing space is limited at this end of the room. Irons and the pinning tables are set up here.

9) Communal use items (irons, pinning tables) are to be wiped down after use. Irons and pinning tables will need to be wiped after each use, whereas an ironing board would be wiped down at the end of the session.

10) At the end of the booking time, all tables (tops and edges), chairs (seat, back, edges and legs), sink, fridge door and handle, entry/exit doors and handles, are to be sprayed/wiped with the disinfectant/detergent mix provided, dried using paper towel that is then disposed of. There may be other items such as ladders; or the hook pol, if used, will also need to be wiped.
Switches and powerpoints that were touched should be wiped over. This extends to bin lid; blind pulls, zip heater handle; code boxes (and keys) and code pad at front door. Coordinators will no doubt deal with some of items as they are used.
(Note: Fabric of chairs and switches, etc., a damp paper towel should be used.)

Christine Stewart has volunteered to clean the floor once a week as pre requirements.
The coordinator/volunteer will empty the bin as required, before departing and locking the room.

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June Issue of “Connecting Threads” is out

May 25, 2020 | Posted in Connecting Threads, CQ Administration | By

This morning members should have received the electronic version of the June 2020 issue of Connecting Threads.

There is information about the shutdown and working in isolation, as well as columns from the usual contributors.

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An update from the CQ President: COVID 19

March 23, 2020 | Posted in Cook premises, CQ Administration, Member News | By

The following message was sent via email earlier this evening. Apologies if you get it twice.


In view of the most recent announcement of the Prime Minister, the Committee and I have sadly decided that all Canberra Quilters’ activities at Cook will be suspended for the time being.  Regretfully the increasing risk to our members has now reached a point where this action needs to be taken.

This suspension will take effect from today and relates to all Special Interest Groups, drop-ins, sew-ins and friendship group meetings.  This also includes all night and day meetings, and includes the AGM which was scheduled for 2 April.  Janice Nangle our Workshop Coordinator will be in touch with members booked to undertake workshops.

For members who are not aware, our Exhibition dates have moved to 10-13 September 2020 which coincides with Floriade.  Further information will be circulated by the Exhibition Coordinator regarding any date changes for entries.

The length of this suspension of activities is uncertain at this time.  Once the Committee has had an opportunity to consider the impact of the directive on the closure of non-essential activities, a further Bulletin will be circulated.

I encourage members to stay in contact with each other either by email or by phone or by virtual means. This may be an opportunity to use Messenger to chat to each other or to use one of the other platforms such as WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Discord etc. to keep in touch.

I would like to thank Canberra Quilters members for cooperating with, and implementing changes, as they have been put in place.

Raylee Bielenberg

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AGM results & committee vacancies

May 16, 2019 | Posted in CQ Administration | By

After the confirmation of the 2018 AGM Minutes, and reports by the President and Treasurer, the election of Officer Bearers was undertaken.  The outcome was –

President:  Raylee Bielenberg

Vice President:  Helen Godden

Treasurer:  Elaine Jones

Secretary:  Cornelia Reppin

Exhibition Coordinator:  Julie Ricketts

Membership Secretary:  Helen Druett

Librarian:  Beth Clary

Newsletter Editor:  Patricia Butron

Workshop Coordinator:  Janice Nangle

Publicity Officer:  Tricia Bishop

Committee Member:  No nominations

Communications and Sponsorship Officer:  No nominations

The vacant positions were declared casual vacancies for filling in accordance with Section 8(e) of the Constitution.

Janet Cruise agreed to continue in the Public Officer role.

There were no motions considered at the AGM.

Committee Changes since the AGM

At its first meeting on 27 March, the Committee determined that the Communications and Sponsorship role should be split into two roles.  In accordance with Section 8(f)(v) of the Constitution, Tricia Bishop was appointed to the Sponsorship Officer role and the Publicity Officer role was declared vacant.

On 24 April, Janet Cruise was appointed to the Communications Officer role under section 8(e) of the Constitution.

The Committee is still seeking a member to fill the vacant Publicity Officer role.  Some computer skills are required.

Today it has been announced that Helen Godden has advised that she is unable to continue as Vice President and has resigned. So we have another casual vacancy. As this is one of the four committee positions that make up the Executive, it is urgent that it is filled. Please contact the Secretary if you are able to help, or know someone who can.

The duties of the position of Committee Member are currently being undertaken by the Cook Management Team.  Further information on this will be provided in the next Connecting Threads.

You are able to contact any of the committee through the website.



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Evening Meeting – 6 April

April 4, 2017 | Posted in CQ Administration, Meetings | By

The evening meeting is this Thursday, 6 April, 7pm for a 7.30pm start, in the Hall at the Cook Community Hub. The meeting starts with formal committee (and other) reports and news followed by an activity.

This month is tips night! A panel of experts is open for questions – what is something you have always wanted to know?

At the AGM three positions remained unfilled and were considered to be casual vacancies. Since the AGM three members have stepped forward to fill these vacancies:

  • President: Raylee Bielenberg
  • Vice President: Angie Wilson
  • Publicity Officer: Julie McMahon

Congratulations to these members and thanks for stepping up.

Pick up some exhibition raffle books to sell. Funds raised go to support Canberra Quilters and its activities, eg library, QFO

All the usual meeting fun- lucky door prize, badge draw, raffle and regular show and tell. Don’t forget to stay and chat over a cuppa and check out the show and tell.

Library will be open for this meeting so come along to return books and borrow more.

Here are some tip images from this blog author- the witch finger as an alternative awl to hold things in place while sewing and the upright unpicker hack (small unpicker and an empty Aurifil thread spool). Lets you cut thread for hand piecing or to cut threads when you are chain piecing.

The alternative awl – a witch finger Halloween toy

Insert a small seam ripper into an empty Aurifil thread spool – thread cutter. (Idea courtesy of Megan Pitz of Canoe Ridge Creations, via Instagram – here is a link for you to watch a short video)

(Image in banner is this year’s raffle quilt by Jenny Bowker and Kath Hunt, quilted by Fran Wilson of Willowpatch through Calico Patch at Federation Square, Gungahlin)

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New Canberra Quilters committee

March 14, 2017 | Posted in CQ Administration | By

The AGM for Canberra Quilters was held on 2 March and a new committee was formed. While some positions remained vacant at the AGM, the meeting was adjourned until 6 April to seek candidates for the vacant positions. Nominations have now been received for all the vacant positions and they will be formalised at the resumption of the AGM on 6 April.

Those positions filled at the AGM:

Treasurer: Janet Cruise

Secretary: Libby Williams

Exhibition Coordinator: Julie Ricketts

Membership Secretary: Elaine Jones

Librarian: Beth Clary

Newsletter Editor: Patricia Butron

Communications Officer: Nicole Shipway

Workshop Coordinator: Valerie Merritt

Committee Member:  Ruth Schwensen

Congratulations to all and thanks from the membership for stepping up to be part of our ‘Board of Directors’.

(Notification authorised by outgoing President Helen Rose.)

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Evening Meeting – 2 March

February 28, 2017 | Posted in CQ Administration, Meetings | By

The evening meeting is this Thursday, 2 March, 7pm for a 7.30pm start, in the Hall at the Cook Community Hub. The meeting starts with formal committee (and other) reports and news followed by an activity.

This month is the Annual General Meeting. Please attend if you are able – we need to reach a quorum to proceed. Please also consider standing for the committee. Details are in the newsletter.

Special show & tell – Quilts displayed at the recent Royal Canberra Show. If you have a quilt(s) displayed at the Show please bring them along to show at the meeting.

All the usual meeting fun- lucky door prize, badge draw, raffle and regular show and tell. Don’t forget to stay and chat over a cuppa and check out the show and tell.

Library will be open for this meeting so come along to return books and borrow more.

Don’t forget to renew your membership – you need to be financial by 31 March to exhibit in the annual exhibition or to sell in the Sales Room.

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