June Issue of “Connecting Threads” is out

May 25, 2020 | Posted in Connecting Threads, CQ Administration | By

This morning members should have received the electronic version of the June 2020 issue of Connecting Threads.

There is information about the shutdown and working in isolation, as well as columns from the usual contributors.

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Connecting Threads available now

December 1, 2017 | Posted in Connecting Threads | By

The electronic version of Connecting Threads magazine (December 2017 issue) was released to members yesterday evening (30 Nov). The print version will be packed and in the mail over the weekend.

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September Connecting Threads- Update

September 26, 2017 | Posted in Connecting Threads | By

Due to illness and absence the September issue of the Canberra Quilters’ newsletter, Connecting Threads, has been delayed. It is now expected to be released during this week. This applies to both the printed and e-versions.

Apologies to members. Please spread the word to your fellow members.

(Image in banner is Heliconia by Pat Parker)

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Delay to September Connecting Threads

September 4, 2017 | Posted in Connecting Threads | By

Due to illness and absence the September issue of the Canberra Quilters’ newsletter, Connecting Threads, will be delayed. This applies to both the printed and e-versions. It is expected to be released in approximately one week.

Apologies to members. Please spread the word to your fellow members.

(Quilt in banner is My Tangled Garden, by Jenny Bowker.)

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Connecting Threads March Issue Available

March 1, 2016 | Posted in Connecting Threads, CQ Administration | By

The March issue of the Canberra Quilters’ newsletter, Connecting Threads, was released electronically yesterday for online subscribers and posted for print subscribers.

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Quilting and the Tour de France

July 4, 2015 | Posted in Art quilts, Connecting Threads | By

Within the quilting community there is a small, almost-secret society, of lovers of the Tour de France. Le Tour runs for three weeks, starting this year on 4 July, and always includes Bastille Day (14 July).

Le Tour offers quilters some wonderful inspiration. There are the colours – team uniforms, cycles, and the French countryside. Being on the route of the tour is a big deal and the cities, towns and villages make the most of their moment in the spotlight with the way they decorate their environment.

The pattern in the roads, the fields and crops, the cobblestones all offer ideas for piecing, appliqué and quilting.  The farmers will often decorate or creatively harvest their fields that are near the road.

The broadcast uses helicopter shots a lot and this gives you some wonderful views of the many chateaux and churches. They get in quite close so that you can see the patterns in the stone.

The overhead shots of the gardens of some chateaux makes you think of symmetrical appliqué blocks – in the Baltimore, Karen Kay Buckley or Kerry Gavin style. The dizzying swoosh up and down hairpin bends on the mountain roads are like rows of serpentine quilting.

Adding to all the visuals is the time – you can achieve a lot in the 3 to 4 hours of a broadcast, even if it runs to the early hours.

The final inducement to join our secret society – men in Lycra, of course!

Elizabeth Rose © 2014  (modified version of an article published in Connecting Threads, the newsletter of Canberra Quilters Inc)

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New Issue of Connecting Threads – out today

May 30, 2015 | Posted in Connecting Threads | By

The digital version of the June issue of Connecting Threads magazine was released today. If you signed up to receive your Canberra Quilter’s newsletter via email link then it was in your inbox this morning.

There is a special section on quilting in Japan, with images and links to interesting sites. Authors are Michelle Law and Wendy Pang.

In the email there is also a link to the 2015 exhibition pack. This is also available on the CQ website here.

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Problem accessing electronic Connecting Threads

March 5, 2015 | Posted in Connecting Threads, Member News | By

Some members have encountered a problem accessing the electronic version of the March issue of Connecting Threads. Canberra Quilters committee apologise to members experiencing a problem and are trying to get it fixed for future issues.

It has been determined that the problem exists for members using Internet Explorer (IE) as their browser. Members using Safari, Firefox or Chrome are not encountering the problem. It has not been possible to use the normal scroll, save or print within Adobe Reader when viewing the newsletter in IE.

To overcome this members are advised to:

  • Use the menu bar in Internet Explorer and select File, then Save As from the drop down menu, saving it with a .pdf extension in a folder you can readily access.
  • Use Windows Explorer  (yellow folders icon) click on the saved file and it will open in Adobe Reader. This will then allow you to zoom, scroll through and print.  Hit F8 if the toolbar is not showing in Adobe Reader.



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March newsletter delivered – where’s my exhibition pack?

March 4, 2014 | Posted in Connecting Threads, Exhibition | By

The latest issue of Connecting Threads should be arriving in members’ letterboxes from today. You will notice one thing is missing – the exhibition pack! Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out –  it will be coming with the June newsletter.

Here is an explanation and a revised key dates table:

The Exhibition Pack is not included in with the March issue of Connecting Threads as there were still unresolved matters at the time the newsletter went for printing and packaging. The pack will be included with the June newsletter, still giving you three weeks to meet the entry deadline of 20 June 2014. The information in the pack will be posted on the website in May for those who like to get their entries in early.

Key dates for the 2014 exhibition

31 March Deadline to be a financial member to be eligible to exhibit and sell
May Exhibition pack published on website
June Connecting Threads – exhibition pack included in mail-out
20 June
Deadline for entry, roster and intention to sell forms
9 July Receive entry acknowledgement from Exhibition Secretary
2 August Quilt Valuation Day (tentative)
7 August Canberra Quilters Evening Meeting
9 August
Quilt and Creative Clothing Delivery Day
10-11 August Quilt photography day
16 August Judging Day
20 August Exhibition hanging day
Sales Room Delivery Day
21-24 August Canberra Quilters Exhibition Days
5.30 pm
24 August
Collection of items from exhibition and sales room

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Connecting Threads via email

August 20, 2013 | Posted in Connecting Threads, CQ Administration | By

Are you interested in receiving the Canberra Quilters’ newsletter, Connecting Threads, by email?

If so, you can give your name and email address to Jakki Cashman or use the Contact Us section of the website to indicate that you would like to join the trial group. The committee will  monitor the response, collect any feedback and consider issues associated with emailed newsletters. 

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