AGM results & committee vacancies

After the confirmation of the 2018 AGM Minutes, and reports by the President and Treasurer, the election of Officer Bearers was undertaken.  The outcome was –

President:  Raylee Bielenberg

Vice President:  Helen Godden

Treasurer:  Elaine Jones

Secretary:  Cornelia Reppin

Exhibition Coordinator:  Julie Ricketts

Membership Secretary:  Helen Druett

Librarian:  Beth Clary

Newsletter Editor:  Patricia Butron

Workshop Coordinator:  Janice Nangle

Publicity Officer:  Tricia Bishop

Committee Member:  No nominations

Communications and Sponsorship Officer:  No nominations

The vacant positions were declared casual vacancies for filling in accordance with Section 8(e) of the Constitution.

Janet Cruise agreed to continue in the Public Officer role.

There were no motions considered at the AGM.

Committee Changes since the AGM

At its first meeting on 27 March, the Committee determined that the Communications and Sponsorship role should be split into two roles.  In accordance with Section 8(f)(v) of the Constitution, Tricia Bishop was appointed to the Sponsorship Officer role and the Publicity Officer role was declared vacant.

On 24 April, Janet Cruise was appointed to the Communications Officer role under section 8(e) of the Constitution.

The Committee is still seeking a member to fill the vacant Publicity Officer role.  Some computer skills are required.

Today it has been announced that Helen Godden has advised that she is unable to continue as Vice President and has resigned. So we have another casual vacancy. As this is one of the four committee positions that make up the Executive, it is urgent that it is filled. Please contact the Secretary if you are able to help, or know someone who can.

The duties of the position of Committee Member are currently being undertaken by the Cook Management Team.  Further information on this will be provided in the next Connecting Threads.

You are able to contact any of the committee through the website.



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