Canberra Quilters at Bungendore Quilt Show – 28 & 29 November

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If you are going to Braidwood for their Quilt Event, don’t forget to stop off in Bungendore for the Bungendore Quilters exhibition.


Each year the Bungendore Quilt Exhibition invites a guest exhibitor or group to exhibit their art on the stage in the Bungendore War Memorial Hall. These exhibitors focus on one particular area of the textile arts or in the case of groups, a variety of textile arts. Normally this is kept as a surprise until the opening but I can let you know that it is the Modern Quilt group of Canberra Quilters- so keep your eyes open at the weekend for  some modern quilts on the stage.


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Modern Quilt group meeting – 8 October

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Here is a message from the co-ordinators, Michelle, Jan & Jenny about this month’s meeting. Meeting starts at 7.30pm on 8 October in the CQ room at Cook.

We had a great “chillax” last month and have decided to have a chillax month every three months because it was lots of fun.

This month is not for chillaxing, although you are very welcome to do that if you like! I thought we could make the Raspberry Kiss block as per the Wooden Spoon Quilts blog –

You can elect to make a 4 1/4 inch finished or 8 1/2 finished block. I’ll be showing you how to do the 8 1/2 inch block (see photo for some examples), so if you want to join in, please precut the following fabrics:

  • 4 x 2½” background fabric squares (low value)
  • 2 x  2½” cross fabric squares (medium – dark value) CORRECTED
  • 1 x 6½” x  2½” cross rectangle (as above) CORRECTED
  • 2 x 5½” squares, cut on the diagonal (so 4 triangles) (low value)


Also bring your sewing machine and sewing equipment including rulers, mats and rotary cutter. The blocks are quite quick to make so perhaps bring along a couple of blocks cut out. Or else share your machine with a friend (there is never enough space anyway!) and chillax the rest of the time 😉

 If you don’t want to partake in the block making, then please BYO sewing. Also please bring along your show and tell.


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Modern Quilt Group meeting – Thursday 13 August

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Here is a message from Michelle, one of the convenors of the group, about the night’s activity- start is 7.30pm:

Tina has kindly offered to teach us how to sew the Open Wide Zipper Pouch this week.

She suggests you either watch the demo, and/or make your own bag on the night. So, to the requirements!!:

Whoever wants to participate will need to bring along their machine with a zipper foot.

  • The pouch requires 2 pieces of fabric for the outer bag, 2 pieces for lining and 2 pieces of a lightweight iron (fusible) pellon and a zipper and a strip of either fabric for the zipper tab (approx 2.5” x 4.5”).
  • Sizes required are:
    • Small pouch:  Outer fabric, lining and pellon cut at 7” tall and 10” wide and a 10” coordinating zipper.
    • Medium pouch:  Outer fabric, lining and pellon cut at 9” tall and 12” wide and a 12” zipper.
    • Large pouch: Outer fabric, lining and pellon cut  at  11” tall and 14” wide and a 12” zipper.

It doesn’t take long to whip one up but if they want to have the pellon already ironed on to the outer fabric that will save a bit of time. The outer fabrics can be pieced or have hexagons appliquéd on or whatever…only limited by your imagination!

So how’s that?  Sound good? Please also bring along your show and tell – we always love that part of the night.

Here is some show & tell from the exhibition- the 3rd place quilt in Group Quilts by the Modern Quilt Group:

Modern group_front

and the back:

Modern group_back


The quilt in the banner is by Gemma Jackson, winner of the Modern Quilt Award.

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Modern Quilting meeting – 9 July

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The next meeting of the Modern Quilting group is this Thursday evening, 9 July, from 7.30pm, in the CQ room.

Here is a message from Michelle, one of the convenors of the group:

We have a couple of things planned. Jan will be showing us how to make “modern flying geese” (see below) and Jenny will be doing a special show and tell and discuss some older quilts. And as usual we will have our regular show and tell.

See you all at 7.30. The room should be lovely and warm so don’t let the cold weather deter you. 

Instructions for modern flying geese from Jan

For the purpose of the tutorial we will work with the following measurements:

  • For the geese, ie the centre of the traditional flying geese block, cut your fabric into 7.5” squares
  • For the background, ie the smaller triangles that go either side of the geese, cut four 4” squares.

So to be clear, for every 7.5” square you need 4×4” squares 

The tutorial will of course make flying geese from any fabric. To make it modern though you have 3 choices: either make the geese from a 7.5” square of modern solid, and the 4” squares anything at all that is a high contrast. The 4” squares do not need to be the same but using only 2 different modern prints looks great;

Or, make the geese, so the 7.5” square, a modern print and make all the 4” backgrounds a neutral solid all the same;

Or, the third option is to use 3 modern solids that look good together. 

You will also need a small cutting mat, a small ruler and a rotary cutter although scissors are fine too, and your machine.

Image in banner is Margaret Donaldson’s quilt-in-progress from the mini workshop, simply woven, conducted at the May meeting of the modern group.


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Modern Quilt Group – meets evening 9 April.

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The next meeting of the Modern Quilt Group is on Thursday 9 April at 7.30pm in the CQ room. For those who have noticed a chill in the air, the heating was on today, so it was very cosy.

Michelle will give a brief presentation on the Yokohama Quilt Festival as well as a repeat demo of modern hexies. She has suggested not bringing your machine, just spend the night with placement and marking and do the quilting at home.

Of course you are welcome to do your own thing on the night.

Don’t forget to bring some show and tell and your thought and ideas for a group entry for the Canberra Quilters Exhibition. Entries for this are due on 19 June and a photo of the completed top will need to be included with the entry.




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Modern Quilt Group – Evening 12 March

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A message from Michelle, one of the convenors of the Modern Quilt Group:

Modern quilting group meets on Thursday 12 March at 7.30 pm.

Gemma is back from Quiltcon and will be talking to us about her adventures in Austin, Texas.

Last month Nicole showed us her gorgeous mini that she got in a swap, made by Nicole Daksiewicz from Modern Handcraft. Everyone was very keen for a tutorial, so you have a choice! You can either go ahead and follow this one from the designer herself, check out the magazine Love Patchwork and Quilting Issue 18, page 89 and/or come along on Thursday night and I will demonstrate how to I do it using Nicole’s fantastic tutorial. Hint – I use a lot less glue 😉  Another hint – I’m kinda flying by the seat of my pants but I’m sure we’ll all learn together.

If you would like to Modern Hexie along with me on Thursday night, please bring the following. Please cut out all your fabric before you come – it will save time on the night.

  • 1 inch hexagon papers, or any size you want really (probably 1/4 would be getting a little ridiculous though).
  • Fabric already cut into hexagon shapes with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
  • Needle and thread for basting your hexagons
  • Glue (I use Roxanne Basting Glue. A glue stick will not be strong enough unless you have a really strong glue stick)
  • 12 1/2 inch square of PLAIN homespun
  • Some batting and backing to quilt your square with. Precut these at home
  • Your sewing machine, walking foot, quilting thread
  • A marking tool or wash out pen for marking the quilting lines, along with a long-enough ruler to mark out a 12 1/2 inch quilt on the diagonal
  • Basting pins
  • Baking paper, waxed kitchen paper or a 15 inch piece of scrap cloth for saving the tables and ironing boards from the glue which will seep through the fabric.
  • Usual sewing notions

See you Thursday. Don’t forget show and tell.


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Modern Quilters – 12 February

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The modern quilting group will have its first meeting for 2015 on Thursday 12 February from 7.30 pm.

Bring along your show and tell, especially all the quilts you may have finished over the Christmas break. We will also discuss what we would like to do as a group this year.


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Modern Quilters – 11 Dec

December 8, 2014 | Posted in member activity, Modern Quilt Group | By

The next meeting of the Modern Quilters is this Thursday evening, 11 December, starting at 7.30pm. Here is a message from one of the convenors, Gemma, about the night’s activities:

  1. As mentioned in last month’s meeting, this will be our last modern group meeting for the year and it would be great to celebrate.  To celebrate the end of the year it would be great if you could please bring a plate of something to share for supper. 
  2. For those that would like to participate, we will be doing a Fat Quarter swap.  As we are a modern group, it would be great to bring a FQ of something modern.  Remember, if you love it, someone else is likely to also.  Solids are great for modern quilting so please don’t feel that you need to go out and buy a fancy print or something expensive, it’s OK to shop in your stash.  This is just a fun swap in the spirit of Secret Santa.  We will put all of the FQs into a container and those participating can pick one out without looking.  It should be fun! 
  3. Don’t forget your show and tell!
  4. I will be demonstrating a QAYG (Quilt As You Go) method that will finish up as either a mini or a cushion.  In the spirit of Christmas I’m suggesting that we use a Christmas print as the centre. If you feel like joining in please bring the following materials:
  • 24″ square backing fabric
  • 22″ square wadding
  • A feature Christmas print of any size  between 2″ square to around 6″ square (does not need to be square).
  • Christmas coloured scraps.  This is a great project for using up binding scraps!  Or just bring a big handful of Red and Green or Gold scraps.  They should be of varying sizes no smaller than your feature fabric.
  • sewing machine, thread, rotary cutter and mat, scissors.


I hope that everyone is well and enjoying this busy time of year!  I look forward to seeing you this Thursday at the Cook rooms from 7.30pm.

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Modern Quilting Meeting – 13 November

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The next meeting of the Modern Quilting group is this Thursday from 7.30pm in the CQ room at Cook.

Raylee will be demonstrating a method piecing circles using a layer cake – super clever and no wastage!

Please bring your show and tell.  If anyone is working on Christmas projects or has good ideas for Christmas please do tell!



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Modern Quilters meeting – 9 October

October 6, 2014 | Posted in Modern Quilt Group | By

A lot of you have expressed interest in getting a lesson on making perfect needle turned appliqué circles. I’m happy to teach this on Thursday night if you are happy to have me teach it? It might just be a “watch and learn” session, however if you want to get hands on, please bring along the following:

  •  Mylar* template – a circle is great. You can get those packs of circles but the cost is quite prohibitive so only bring if you have them. Otherwise you can buy Mylar* sheets from quilt shops for a couple of dollars. If you bring a Mylar* sheet, also bring a fine permanent marker and a perfect circle shape to trace off (or a compass). Something around the 10 cm mark is perfect to learn on.
  • thread for hand basting
  • Spray starch – I like Crisp because it makes everything smell like summer 😉 Make sure the can has its lid!
  • a small artist’s paintbrush or a couple of cotton ear buds/q-tips
  • A spare piece of cotton fabric – I use cotton duck – to preserve the integrity of the CQ ironing boards (from the starch)
  • fabric for background and fabric for circles.
  • your favourite appliqué needle and thread and usual sewing kit

*it’s important you bring Mylar, and not any old acetate or plastic template sheet. Mylar handles low-medium heat from the iron and won’t warp or melt. The other stuff does (warp and melt)

Please bring show and tell as usual, and anything else you might like to work on if you aren’t doing circles. Meeting starts 7.30.


Michelle, Jenny, Gemma and Jan


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