Modern Quilters meeting – 9 October

A lot of you have expressed interest in getting a lesson on making perfect needle turned appliqué circles. I’m happy to teach this on Thursday night if you are happy to have me teach it? It might just be a “watch and learn” session, however if you want to get hands on, please bring along the following:

  •  Mylar* template – a circle is great. You can get those packs of circles but the cost is quite prohibitive so only bring if you have them. Otherwise you can buy Mylar* sheets from quilt shops for a couple of dollars. If you bring a Mylar* sheet, also bring a fine permanent marker and a perfect circle shape to trace off (or a compass). Something around the 10 cm mark is perfect to learn on.
  • thread for hand basting
  • Spray starch – I like Crisp because it makes everything smell like summer 😉 Make sure the can has its lid!
  • a small artist’s paintbrush or a couple of cotton ear buds/q-tips
  • A spare piece of cotton fabric – I use cotton duck – to preserve the integrity of the CQ ironing boards (from the starch)
  • fabric for background and fabric for circles.
  • your favourite appliqué needle and thread and usual sewing kit

*it’s important you bring Mylar, and not any old acetate or plastic template sheet. Mylar handles low-medium heat from the iron and won’t warp or melt. The other stuff does (warp and melt)

Please bring show and tell as usual, and anything else you might like to work on if you aren’t doing circles. Meeting starts 7.30.


Michelle, Jenny, Gemma and Jan


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