Modern Quilting meeting – 9 July

The next meeting of the Modern Quilting group is this Thursday evening, 9 July, from 7.30pm, in the CQ room.

Here is a message from Michelle, one of the convenors of the group:

We have a couple of things planned. Jan will be showing us how to make “modern flying geese” (see below) and Jenny will be doing a special show and tell and discuss some older quilts. And as usual we will have our regular show and tell.

See you all at 7.30. The room should be lovely and warm so don’t let the cold weather deter you. 

Instructions for modern flying geese from Jan

For the purpose of the tutorial we will work with the following measurements:

  • For the geese, ie the centre of the traditional flying geese block, cut your fabric into 7.5” squares
  • For the background, ie the smaller triangles that go either side of the geese, cut four 4” squares.

So to be clear, for every 7.5” square you need 4×4” squares 

The tutorial will of course make flying geese from any fabric. To make it modern though you have 3 choices: either make the geese from a 7.5” square of modern solid, and the 4” squares anything at all that is a high contrast. The 4” squares do not need to be the same but using only 2 different modern prints looks great;

Or, make the geese, so the 7.5” square, a modern print and make all the 4” backgrounds a neutral solid all the same;

Or, the third option is to use 3 modern solids that look good together. 

You will also need a small cutting mat, a small ruler and a rotary cutter although scissors are fine too, and your machine.

Image in banner is Margaret Donaldson’s quilt-in-progress from the mini workshop, simply woven, conducted at the May meeting of the modern group.


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