November 16, 2016 | Posted in:Meetings

The gathering is in the Canberra Quilters room at Cook Community Hub, starting at 7.30pm

Some info from Jenny Bowker, one of the convenors of the beginners group:

Canberra friends!
On Wednesday 16th November – today for most of you reading this – we are starting a Beginners Group at Canberra Quilters. At 7.30pm at the Cook Community Hub (the old Primary School behind the Cook shops) we have several Canberra Quilters showing some easy techniques.
I have something to show – a play with multiple simple blocks. I will be a bit late so other demonstrations are first.
We want to see more people starting our wonderful craft – so come along and bring a friend. It is fun and it is easy.


(image courtesy of Jenny Bowker)



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