Small Japanese Projects 22 October: Kumihimo Braid

Convenor Wendy has sent the following message about next Wednesday’s get together, starting at 10am:

Hi everyone, 

This month we are making kumihimo braid. It’s a hands on workshop, so bring your kumihimo disk and threads. Find out more about kumihimo by googling, and using Google Images.  We will look at kumihimo examples, set up our disks with threads, and start braiding. This will take time. Plan to be there until 12 pm, or you might not have done enough braiding to be able to continue later.

 Bring your own kumihimo disk. If you don’t have one, they can be ordered from I will bring disks for people who ordered them.

 Threads to bring:

  • Smooth threads make a smooth braid. A mixture of thread types produces a braid with varied texture. Look carefully at Google Images to see variations.
  •  Use thickish threads like Pearl 3. DMC Satin Floss produces a lovely shiny braid. Try 1/8 inch ribbon, or sparkly thick threads. DMC embroidery thread can be used, preferably doubled, to make a thin braid. 1 mm or 2 mm rat tail will produce a thicker, shiny braid. Don’t bring wool for your first attempt.
  • Bring 4 contrasting colours. You will need one metre of each colour. If you choose to use only 2 colours, you will need 2 metres of each. This should make a braid about 15 cm long.
  •  Optional: if you have 8 of the little cards used for keeping embroidery threads on, they help to avoid tangles.


Put about 20 x 5c coins in a little ziplock bag. Bring 40 cm of string. You will use this to tie the weights on to your braid.


  • Kumihimo disk
  • 1 m of 4 different colours or 2 m of 2 colours of thread Weights in ziplock bag, plus 40 cm string Notepad and pen, or iPad Optional embroidery thread cards

 Looking forward to seeing what we can create!

 PS bring show and tell of anything small and Japanese, particularly origami earrings or brooches.

Japanese Kumihimo_web


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