Volunteer needed – Chief Steward (Quilting) at Royal Canberra Show

Canberra Quilters is seeking to help the Royal National Capital Agricultural Society (RNCAS)  find a volunteer to be Chief Steward in the Quilting section for the show. The current Chief Steward, Lisa, is unable to continue as she is recovering from an injury. The Royal Canberra Show runs 27-28 February and 1 March.

The Chief Steward needs to attend one (possibly two) meetings with the RNCAS, before the show.  Then in the week starting 21 February co-ordinate our volunteers during the delivery, judging, and setup of the exhibits, and then supervise the roster at the Show and on Monday 2 March supervise the take down and return of exhibits. There is a team of members from Canberra Quilters who have assisted for a number of years and they would be available to the volunteer. The previous Chief Steward, Yvonne, is willing and available to assist as well – so you wouldn’t be starting from scratch.

Canberra Quilters members are already filling up the roster slots for show days, so there are people to help you then. The Quilting part of the Show can’t go on without this position being filled.

If you want to volunteer please contact the CQ President Helen Rose at president@canberraquilters.org.au

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