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TITLE: Pictorial art quilt guidebook : secrets to capturing your photos in fabric

AUTHOR: Wiener, Leni Levenson

DESCRIPTION: This book has three sections. In the first section you will learn about colour, value and print scale. In the second section, you will make an art quilt, step by step as if you were in one of Leni’s workshops. The final section gives you easy and practical ways to approach common elements in art quilts such as trees, water, and tricks to do faces. Leni discusses using GIMP, Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements to make your patterns from the photos.

LOCATION: Pictorial quilts



TITLE: William Morris in applique : 6 stunning projects and over 40 individual designs

AUTHOR: Hill, Michele

DESCRIPTION: William Morris devotee and world renowned quilter, Michele Hill has designed a collection of six magnificent projects, capturing the beauty of his designs in applique.

LOCATION: Applique



TITLE: Patchwork prisoners : the Rajah Quilt and the women who made it

AUTHOR: Cowley, Trudy and Snowden, Dianne

DESCRIPTION: This book is a study of the 180 female convicts who were transported on the convict ship ‘Rajah’ from England to Hobart in 1841. It is also a study of the ‘Rajah Quilt’ and the convicts who may have been involved in making it during their voyage to Van Diemen’s Land. The role of Miss Kezia Hayter, the ship’s matron, in making the quilt is also explored.

LOCATION: Australian

TITLE: Works on cloth : imagery by artists of Baker Lake, Nunavut (British Columbia)

DESCRIPTION: This exhibition of wall hangings from Baker Lake brings together art works by fifteen contemporary artists, showing traditional (Inuit) and contemporary elements

LOCATION: Wall hangings

TITLE: Listen to your quilt : select the perfect quilting every time ; 4 simple steps

AUTHOR: Persing, Barbara

DESCRIPTION: How should I quilt this? Barbara asks herself four questions. They are: What is the category of this quilt? (Traditional, Children’s, Art); What is the intened use of this quilt? (Bed, Wall, Show); What quilting is needed to enhance this quilt? (All over, Partial, Heirloom); What thread colour should I use? (Matching, Contrasting, Variegated)

LOCATION: Quilting

TITLE: Modern color : an illustrated guide to dyeing fabric for modern quilts

AUTHOR: Eichler-Messmer, Kim

DESCRIPTION: Learn how to dye fabrics expertly using simple recipes for stunning effects. This book features 9 modern quilted projects – in multiple colorways – showcasing the beauty of hand-dyed fabrics. Learn how to create a truly individual quilt for which you’re the fabric designer, quilt designer, and quiltmaker.



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