Quilt show is open & results of judging

The Canberra Quilters Members’ Exhibition is now open, as part of the Craft and Quilt Fair. It runs 11-14 August, 10am until 4.30pm each day at EPIC, Flemington Road, Mitchell ACT.

Please come along to check out all the quilts and clothing exhibited, the sales room and also the craft fair.

Images of the quilts and details of their makers and placings/awards can be found by clicking here.

Here are the results of the judging (long post):


Bernina Best of Show

83 – Beaumont, Bronwyn Hill

Bernina Amateur Encouragement Award

89 – Hummer, Karen Travis

Bernina Secondary Student Award

160 – Serenity, Lauren Paterson

Best Use of Colour

64 – In Need of Blue, Gemma Jackson

Retaining the Tradition

105 – Lucielle, Janelle Noack

Modern Quilting

37 – Love is, Gemma Jackson

Excellence in Hand Quilting

12 – My Garden in Autumn, Rosalind Hanigan

Excellence in Machine Quilting (domestic)

30 – Supernova, Jo Barraclough

Excellence in Machine Quilting (frame)

38 – Popping Candy, Lynda Nikolovski

Best Use of Embellishment

35 – Ornithology of Oz, Helen Godden

Best Use of Batik Fabric

40 – Parterre, Beth & Trevor Reid

Margaret Armistead Award

42- Durras Dreaming, Virginia Buring

Allan Armistead Award

151 – Peacock, Jasper Jackson


Category 1

Large Quilt (non-professional)

1st– 20, My Visit to Michele’s Morris Magic, Lyn Keogh

2nd– 7, Half a Farmer’s Wife, Julia Dawson

3rd– 17, Enchanted Garden, Beverly Hunter

Highly Commended- 9, The Night Watch, Desley Ferguson

Category 2

Large Quilt (professional)

1st– 38, Popping Candy, Lynda Nikolovski

2nd– 40, Parterre, Beth & Trevor Reid

3rd – 35, Ornithology of Oz, Helen Godden

Highly Commended- 34, Vestment of the Sharman, Meg Cowey

Category 3

Small Quilt (non-professional)

1st– 50, Spiral Spin, Karin Malmberg

2nd– 59, Gum Blossoms, Jan Smith

3rd– 43, Liquorice Allsorts, Margaret Donaldson

Highly Commended- 46, An Assortment of Houses, Wendy Hirst

Category 4

Small Quilt (professional)

1st– 64, In Need of Blue, Gemma Jackson

2nd– 69, An Orange and Magenta Wedding, Elizabeth Rose

3rd– 62, Happy , Happy, Fun, Fun, Wilma Cawley

Highly Commended- 65, The Early Bird Gets the Worm, Nobuko Miyake

Category 5

Mixed Media Quilt (open)

1st– 74, Out to Lunch, Stephanie Newman

2nd– 76, It Looks Like Rain, Sue Robinson

3rd– 72, Middle Earth and Beyond, Margaret Donaldson

Highly Commended- 75, 3 Kings Mk2, Colleen Reed

Category 6

Art Quilt (open)

1st– 83, Beaumont, Bronwyn Hill

2nd– 89, Hummer, Karen Travis

3rd– 80, Red Hills, Dianne Firth

Highly Commended- 78, Red Seaweed, Wilma Cawley

Category 7

Group Quilt (open)

No awards made.

Category 8

Commercially-Quilted Quilt (open)

1st– 104, La Passacaglia, Jo-Anne Micenko

Quilted by Roundabout Stitches- Julie Lorimer

2nd– 105, Lucielle, Janelle Noack

Quilted by Temora Quilter- Sarah Lennon

3rd– 109, Spanish Garden, Alison Zanchetto

Quilted by Altogether Quilting- Helen Smith

Highly Commended- 94, Blue Tiles, Julia Dawson

Quilted by Altogether Quilting- Helen Smith

Category 9

Challenge Quilt (open)

1st– 128, Facets of Forty Years, Wendy Saclier

2nd– 118, Forty Years = Ruby, Heather Hanneman

3rd– 115, Ruby, Margaret Davies

Highly Commended- 127, Miss Ruby, Helen Rose

Category 10

Tiny Treasure Quilt (open)

1st– 143, Nelson Dreaming, Wendy Saclier

2nd– 139, Eleanor Rigby, Patrise Dowling

3rd– 137, A Fantasy, Laraine Culnane

Category 15

Quilts by children (primary)

1st– 149, Time Star, Atticus Jackson

2nd– 150, A Day at the Beach, Indigo Jackson

3rd– 153, Birds on a Branch, Alexandria Saclier

Highly Commended- 148, Flat Out Like a Lizard, Sam Evans

Category 16

Quilts by youth (secondary)

1st– 160, Serenity, Lauren Paterson

2nd– 158, Tree of Life, Ally Howe

3rd– 162, The Bold and Beautiful, Catherine Stevens


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