Photography is by Catherine Leedon.

Bernina Best of Show

Quilt 83rs

83BeaumontBronwyn Hill

Category 1 – Large Quilt (non-professional)

Quilt 20rs1st– 20My Visit to Michele’s Morris MagicLyn Keogh

Quilt 7rs2nd– 7Half a Farmer’s WifeJulia Dawson

Quilt 17rs3rd– 17Enchanted GardenBeverly Hunter

Quilt 9rsHighly Commended- 9The Night WatchDesley Ferguson

Category 2 – Large Quilt (professional)

Quilt 38rs1st– 38Popping CandyLynda Nikolovski

2nd– 40ParterreBeth & Trevor Reid

Quilt 35rs3rd – 35Ornithology of OzHelen Godden

Quilt 34rsHighly Commended- 34Vestment of the SharmanMeg Cowey

Category 3 – Small Quilt (non-professional)

Quilt 50rs1st– 50Spiral SpinKarin Malmberg

Quilt 59rs2nd– 59Gum BlossomsJan Smith

Quilt 43rs3rd– 43Liquorice AllsortsMargaret Donaldson

Quilt 46rsHighly Commended- 46An Assortment of HousesWendy Hirst

Category 4 – Small Quilt (professional)

Quilt 64rs1st– 64In Need of BlueGemma Jackson

Quilt 69rs2nd– 69An Orange and Magenta WeddingElizabeth Rose

Quilt 62rs3rd– 62Happy , Happy, Fun, FunWilma Cawley

Quilt 65rsHighly Commended- 65The Early Bird Gets the WormNobuko Miyake

Category 5 – Mixed Media Quilt (open)

Quilt 74rs1st– 74Out to LunchStephanie Newman

Quilt 76rs2nd– 76It Looks Like RainSue Robinson

Quilt 72rs3rd– 72Middle Earth and BeyondMargaret Donaldson

Quilt 75rsHighly Commended- 753 Kings Mk2Colleen Reed

Category 6 – Art Quilt (open)

Quilt 83rs1st– 83BeaumontBronwyn Hill

Quilt 89rs2nd– 89HummerKaren Travis

Quilt 803rd– 80Red HillsDianne Firth

Quilt 78rsHighly Commended- 78Red SeaweedWilma Cawley

Category 7 – Group Quilt (open)

No awards made.

Category 8 – Commercially-Quilted Quilt (open)

Quilt 104rs1st– 104La PassacagliaJo-Anne Micenko

Quilted by Roundabout Stitches- Julie Lorimer

Quilt 105rs2nd– 105LucielleJanelle Noack

Quilted by Temora Quilter- Sarah Lennon

Quilt 109rs3rd– 109Spanish GardenAlison Zanchetto

Quilted by Altogether Quilting- Helen Smith

Quilt 94rsHighly Commended- 94Blue TilesJulia Dawson

Quilted by Altogether Quilting- Helen Smith

Category 9 – Challenge Quilt (open)

Quilt 128rs1st– 128Facets of Forty YearsWendy Saclier

Quilt 118rs2nd– 118Forty Years = RubyHeather Hanneman

Quilt 115rs3rd– 115RubyMargaret Davies

Quilt 127rsHighly Commended- 127Miss RubyHelen Rose

Category 10 – Tiny Treasure Quilt (open)

Quilt 143rs1st– 143Nelson DreamingWendy Saclier

Quilt 139rs2nd– 139Eleanor RigbyPatrise Dowling

Quilt 137rs3rd– 137A FantasyLaraine Culnane

Category 15 – Quilts by children (primary)

Quilt 149rs1st– 149Time StarAtticus Jackson

Quilt 150rs2nd– 150A Day at the BeachIndigo Jackson

Quilt 153rs3rd– 153Birds on a BranchAlexandria Saclier

Quilt 148rsHighly Commended- 148Flat Out Like a LizardSam Evans

Category 16 – Quilts by youth (secondary)

Quilt 160rs1st– 160SerenityLauren Paterson

Quilt 158rs2nd– 158Tree of LifeAlly Howe

Quilt 162rs3rd– 162The Bold and BeautifulCatherine Stevens


Bernina Amateur Encouragement Award

Quilt 89rs89 – HummerKaren Travis

Bernina Secondary Student Award

Quilt 160rs160 – SerenityLauren Paterson

Best Use of Colour

Quilt 64rs64 – In Need of BlueGemma Jackson

Retaining the Tradition

Quilt 105rs105 – LucielleJanelle Noack

Modern Quilting

Quilt 37rs37 – Love isGemma Jackson

Excellence in Hand Quilting

Quilt 12rs12 – My Garden in AutumnRosalind Hanigan

Excellence in Machine Quilting (domestic)

Quilt 30rs30 – SupernovaJo Barraclough

Excellence in Machine Quilting (frame)

Quilt 38rs38 – Popping CandyLynda Nikolovski

Best Use of Embellishment

Quilt 35rs35 – Ornithology of OzHelen Godden

Best Use of Batik Fabric 

40 – ParterreBeth & Trevor Reid

Margaret Armistead Award

Quilt 42rs42–  Durras DreamingVirginia Buring

Allan Armistead Award

Quilt 151151 – PeacockJasper Jackson

Viewer’s Choice – Quilts

Quilt 35rs

Helen Godden, for #35 Ornithology of Oz

Viewer’s Choice – Challenge & Tiny Treasures

Quilt 146rs

Angie Wilson, for #146, Chaos Theory

Viewer’s Choice – Creative Clothing

Creative Clothing 164 backrs Creative Clothing 164 frontrs

Donna Sunderland, for #164, Blue & White Fringed Jacket