Art Quilters meeting 11 October

The Art Quilters are meeting this Saturday from 1-4pm in the CQ room. As well as show & tell, there is a mini- workshop using gelatine plates. There is some preparation required, so here are details from Buffy.

Here is the requirement list for our mini-workshop this Saturday:

  • Fabric/paper … does not have to be white
  • Acrylic paints and palette (freezer paper is good for this if you don’t have anything else)
  • Gel plate (see recipe below if you don’t already have one) (I will bring more than one in case it all falls into the too-hard basket)
  • Stamps or stencils or texture plates to remove paint
  • Brayer
  • Baby wipes to clean gelliplate and fingers
  • Something to protect the tables

See the Gellipad website for lots of YouTube videos of ideas

If you don’t already have any of the above requirements, there will be someone who will share on the day so don’t feel it is necessary to buy anything.


Gelliplate Recipe

In smaller container, mix 200mls glycerine (or glycerol, same thing) with 6 tablespoons gelatine.

In larger microwave safe container, mix 5 tablespoons sugar with 1 ½ cups boiling water

Stir the gelatine and glycerine well. Stir the sugar and boiling water to dissolve the sugar, and then mix the gelatine/glycerine into the sugar mixture.

Microwave 30 seconds, and stir then repeat.  By now the mixture should be pretty clear, so you can pour it into a pan, like a biscuit pan. 

Leave several hours or overnight uncovered.  Flick the corner to start removing the gelliplate … it comes out easily and is hearty to handle.

Place it on a smooth surface, like a plastic tray or the shiny side of freezer paper so you can move it around.  Have fun!  

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