‘Desperation Week’ – sewing to meet deadlines

This year Canberra Quilters is running ‘Desperation Week’ from 27-31 October. Members have signed up to come to the room for a week and sew on their respective projects.

Some are sewing to meet deadlines for Rowmakers ,the UFO pledge or for Christmas. Others are sewing on a particular project(s) that they want to have some concentrated time on. Kay has sewn some Blankets of Love produced from applique done at the Biggest Morning Tea in May. Today some members “dropped in” and did some hand sewing while ‘the desperates’ worked away on their machines. Yesterday another member dropped in to baste a couple of quilts on the pinning table.

The name came about when a group were sewing last year and they were each ‘desperate’ to get something finished and wanted to have some concentrated sewing time.

Here is a look at some of the ‘in progress’ works:

dw_1 dw_2 dw_3 dw_4 dw_5 dw_6 dw_7 dw_8 dw_9

Two more days to go to get some of these works further advanced.



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