Modern Quilt group meeting – 9 June

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The next meeting of the Modern Quilt group is on Thursday, from 7.30pm, in the CQ room at Cook Community Hub.

Michelle will be demonstrating how to prepare teeny tiny hexagons – 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch. If you want to have a go bring a sewline glue stick and some fabric.

A special show and tell of traditional quilts done the modern way – whether it be modern fabrics, improve versions or traditional blocks, or wonky versions of traditional blocks using the modern aesthetic. Please bring along any examples where you have made a modern traditional quilt.

As always bring your usual show and tell (unless it falls into the above), for the regular show and tell session, plus the project you are working on. Sewing machines always welcome when space allows.

(Quilt in banner is by Michelle Law – Oranges are not the only fruit)

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Modern Quilters Meeting – 12 May

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The next meeting of the Modern Quilters is on Thursday, 12 May, starting at 7.30pm in the CQ room at Cook Community Hub.

Jenny will be demonstrating some ideas for tile design which work well in appliqué. Please bring small squares – 4 to 8 inches – of tracing paper and a pencil or pen.
Don’t forget show & tell to share what you are working on.

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Modern Quilt group meets tonight- 10 March

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The Modern Quilt group will meet tonight in the CQ room, starting at 7.30pm. Tonight’s activity:

Jenny will be demonstrating a very simple system for an organic curved block. If people want to try it they can bring some 6 1/2 inch squares in colours they like. Half the squares could be considered background. It works particularly well with batiks. 

 Bring your show and tell, as usual, and your machines if you want to try what Jenny is showing. Or you can just watch the demonstration and try it at home.


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Modern Quilt group meeting – 12 November

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The meeting is this Thursday, 12 November, from 7.30pm in the CQ room. Here is a message from one of the convenors, Jan, about the night’s activities.

As well as our usual round of showntell I have found a little maths cheat for using up FQ’s that might be of interest to the group. If you would like to participate (as opposed to just observing)  you will need to bring an ugly or otherwise unwanted FQ and a texta or other permanent fabric marker, a small cutting mat and small ruler and rotary cutter, and a school/paper type of glue stick and a sheet of paper or card FQ sized. It would be helpful, but not essential, if the FQ is light enough for the marker to be readable when used on the right side of the fabric.

I have not confirmed her availability, but Mary has also offered to show us how to use a tinting pen to change the value of a fabric. So possibly 2 cheats in one session – a bargain!

As always bring some sit and sew or just come to see what everyone else is up to.

Looking forward to seeing whoever can make it to the November meeting on Thursday night, and who else did more of the raspberry kisses that Michelle showed us last month? Or was it the month before? It’s coming up to silly season and they are a blur as one month runs into the next.


For those of you that did the Saffron Craig screen printing workshop, I finally came up with a way to put mine together and will have it for showntell. It is singularly THE ugliest quilt I have ever made but hopefully the recipient will love it. As he’s 14 we have different ideas on what is appealing!

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Modern Quilt meeting – evening 14 May

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The meeting is this Thursday from 7.30-10.30pm in the CQ room at Cook.

Jenny is going to demonstrate a block that she showed last month (from the Moda Bake Shop) and has asked that you bring the following:

  • Smallish mat and rotary cutter and small ruler or use the ones in the room. Having everything beside you is heaps easier for this block.
  • Pins scissors, threads and unpicker. I matched thread to the background or bring a midrange value.
  • Fabrics – either as on the pattern
  • A sewing machine with a quarter inch foot

To make only 2 blocks just to get the idea of it bring the following strips cut from a jelly roll. The full instructions are good if you intend to use the rest of the roll for more blocks as they maximise the strips you will get. If you do not want to use a jelly roll all strips are 2.5″ wide. Mix up the colours.

  • 4  rectangles of background cut size 4″ x 8″
  • 2 strips cut 8″
  • 4 strips cut 9.5″
  • 4 strips cut 11″
  • 2 strips cut 12.5″

The link above is the tutorial and illustration.

If you want to make the whole quilt – you have some cutting to do. I made nine blocks and one where I stopped halfway in about two and a half hours, but I was trying to go fast. If you want the whole thing – work from the instructions on the tutorial for cutting. It uses two jelly rolls and yardage for the background to make thirty six blocks measuring 12.5″ unfinished. I think the background should be the same colour throughout as it means that it is hard to see where blocks end, and that is really interesting.

The group is going to make a quilt for entry in the group quilts category of the annual members’ exhibition. There are sewing days planned for this already on 30 may and 7 June. Those participating have already been given further information.



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Modern Quilt group meeting – 13 March

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Bring the slab blocks you’ve been making, and we’ll start designing quilts for Common Ground with them. Michelle will bring the blocks she’s been collecting for the last few months as well.

Don’t forget your show and tell, and any great books and magazines you have come across lately.

Also we need a volunteer to take the April group as Michelle and Jenny will both be away so please contact Michelle if you are interested in showing off a special technique to the group!

See you all Thursday 7.30 pm.

Michelle and Jenny

Judy Smith sent an image of two slab quilts she has made – one for Common Ground, the other for Donatelife Canberra Hospital:

slab_judy smith


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Modern Quilt group meeting – 12 December, evening

December 11, 2013 | Posted in Modern Quilt Group, modern quilters | By

At the final Modern Quilting group for the year, we are having a little Christmas celebration, so bring along a SMALL plate of something yum to share.  Jenny will also be teaching her star quilt. You should have received an email about this – with the cutting instructions –  a month ago, on 14 November, if you are on the email list, but if you didn’t, just email and Michelle will forward you the email.


Hopefully see you all there! It will be lovely to celebrate the wonderful group that the second Thursday of the month has become.


Michelle and Jenny

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Modern Quilt Group Meeting – Thursday 12 September

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GnomeAngel‘s Scrap Vomit

 Tonight at the Modern Quilt Group Meeting we’ll be demonstrating how to make a “slab block”.  (You can read more about them here:  Dining Room Empire)  If you’d like to make your own slab blocks at the meeting be sure to bring all the supplies you’ll need.  (There are some sewing machines available, but these are limited.)

We’re also going to be swapping 2.5″ scrap squares, a la the Scrap Vomit quilt.  (You can read more about them here: GnomeAngel). Even if you don’t want to make a Scrap Vomit quilt the 2.5″ squares are so handy for so many different quilts!

If you are keen to do this, please bring along sets (however many you want) of 49 different 2.5 inch squares. This is enough to make an A block, or 49 hexagons, or 1 simple 14 inch block! 

Hope to see you there!

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No Modern Quilt Group meeting this month

August 4, 2013 | Posted in modern quilters | By

Our rooms are a little sparse this month with everything at the show including tables, so we will cancel this month’s meeting and just have a double-fun meeting on September 12.

If you have any suggestions for demonstrations that Jenny and I can do, let us know in the comments or by email. We will also do a scrap swap next month, which was discussed at the July meeting.

We will swap sets of 49 2 1/2 inch squares of different fabrics a la Block A of the Scrap Vomit quilt (see if you don’t know what I am talking about).

Even if you don’t want to make a scrap vomit quilt, you can use these little squares for a million other things. Look forward to seeing you all the exhibition. Lots of modern quilts on show this year!

 – Michelle and Jenny

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