Modern Quilt group meeting – 12 November

The meeting is this Thursday, 12 November, from 7.30pm in the CQ room. Here is a message from one of the convenors, Jan, about the night’s activities.

As well as our usual round of showntell I have found a little maths cheat for using up FQ’s that might be of interest to the group. If you would like to participate (as opposed to just observing)  you will need to bring an ugly or otherwise unwanted FQ and a texta or other permanent fabric marker, a small cutting mat and small ruler and rotary cutter, and a school/paper type of glue stick and a sheet of paper or card FQ sized. It would be helpful, but not essential, if the FQ is light enough for the marker to be readable when used on the right side of the fabric.

I have not confirmed her availability, but Mary has also offered to show us how to use a tinting pen to change the value of a fabric. So possibly 2 cheats in one session – a bargain!

As always bring some sit and sew or just come to see what everyone else is up to.

Looking forward to seeing whoever can make it to the November meeting on Thursday night, and who else did more of the raspberry kisses that Michelle showed us last month? Or was it the month before? It’s coming up to silly season and they are a blur as one month runs into the next.


For those of you that did the Saffron Craig screen printing workshop, I finally came up with a way to put mine together and will have it for showntell. It is singularly THE ugliest quilt I have ever made but hopefully the recipient will love it. As he’s 14 we have different ideas on what is appealing!

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