Open Now: Exhibition Entries

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Quilt show is open & results of judging

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The Canberra Quilters Members’ Exhibition is now open, as part of the Craft and Quilt Fair. It runs 6-9 August, 10am until 4.30pm each day at EPIC, Flemington Road, Mitchell ACT.

Please come along to check out all the quilts and clothing exhibited, the sales room and also the craft fair.

Here are the results of the judging (long post)

Images of the quilts and details of their makers and placings/awards can be found by clicking here.


Bernina Best of Show (image in the banner)

30 – Canzone Rosso, Pamela Brockwell

Bernina Amateur Encouragement Award

6 – Lagoon, Meg Cowey

Bernina Junior Encouragement Award

184 – Red Rainbow, Annabelle Vial

Best Use of Colour

19 – Summer, Wendy Pang

Retaining the Tradition

105 – The Romance of Jane, Charmian Corbett

Modern Quilting

68 – The Eyes Have it, Gemma Jackson

Excellence in Hand Quilting

56 – Colour by Rows, Karin Malmberg

Excellence in Machine Quilting (domestic)

95 – Silence, Bronwyn Hill

Excellence in Machine Quilting (frame)

31 – Rhapsody avec Rouge, Sharon French

Best Use of Embellishment

31 – Rhapsody avec Rouge, Sharon French

Best Use of Batik Fabric

115 – Comes the Dawn, Paulette Rigter

Margaret Armistead Award

84 – Forest Family, Margaret Eibisch

Allan Armistead Award

179 – Mountain Dreams, Atticus Jackson

Category 1

Bed Quilt (non-professional)

1st       6 – Lagoon, Meg Cowey

2nd      8 – Cats, Julia Dawson

3rd       22 – Tokyo Pop, Jo Anne Pulko

Highly Commended: 25 – Autumn, Elizabeth Scroope

Category 2

Bed Quilt (professional)

1st       30 – Canzone Rosso, Pamela Brockwell

2nd      31 – Rhapsody avec Rouge, Sharon French

3rd       29 – The Winter Garden, Jenny Bowker

Highly Commended: 28 – Gild the Lily, Jo Barraclough

Category 3

Wall Quilt (non-professional)

1st       57 – Heartfelt, Pam McNamara

2nd      53 – Oranges are not the only fruit, Michelle Law

3rd       38 – How time flies!, Karen Brown

Highly Commended: 56 – Colour by Rows, Karin Malmberg

Category 4

Wall Quilt (professional)

1st       69 – Still Life – Poppies, Beth Miller

2nd      68 – The Eyes Have it, Gemma Jackson

3rd       74 – Galah Gala, Brenda Gael Smith

Highly Commended: 64 – One Direction, Jo Barraclough

Category 5

Mixed Media Quilt (open)

1st       76 – Annual Snow Reports #1, Laraine Culnane

2nd      77 – Pueblo Pots, Pat & Helen Godden

3rd       79 – Fabricated Strata, Kay Provins

Highly Commended: 78 – Circularity, Fiona Hammond

Category 6

Art Quilt (open)

1st       86 – Lyre Lyre, Helen Godden

2nd      88 – Love is Forever, Bronwyn Hill

3rd       90 – Leaf Bed, Beth & Trevor Reid (this is the image in the banner)

Highly Commended: 92 – High Country Lupins #3, Brenda Gael Smith

Category 7

Group Quilt (open)

1st       95 – Silence, Bronwyn Hill & family

2nd      99 – Happy Birthday Jocelyn, Daphne Mahon & Material Girls

3rd       98 – The Problematic Apricot, Michelle Law & Modern Quilters

Category 8

Commercially-Quilted Quilt (open)

1st       105 – The Romance of Jane, Charmian Corbett

Quilted by Leura Quilting – S. Anderson

2nd      113 – Summer Lanterns, Cassandra Philpot

Quilted by Altogether Quilting- Helen Smith

3rd       115 – Comes the Dawn, Paulette Rigter

Quilted by Quilt as Desired – Allison Willis

Highly Commended: 107 – Rainbow Lorikeet, Pat Godden

Quilted by Helen Godden

Category 9

Challenge Quilt (open)

1st       122 – Message in the Mailbox, Dell Armistead

2nd      127 – Message 1, Patrise Dowling

3rd       133 – There is more than one angle to look at things from, Andrea McMillan

Category 10

Tiny Treasure Quilt (open)

1st       151 – In Luck, Wendy Saclier

2nd      146 – Winter, Patrise Dowling

3rd       141 – Memories of Canada, Patricia Butron

Highly Commended: 153 – I wanna hex you up, Angie Wilson

Category 11

Creative Clothing (open)

1st       163 – Special Request, Donna Sunderland

2nd      155 – Java Vest, Sandra Farley

3rd       160 – Modern Boro, Wendy Saclier

Highly Commended: 154 – Love of Nature, Sandra Farley

Category 13

Creative Clothing – Accessories (open)

1st       169 – Black and Red, Rosemary Koina

2nd      172 – Log Cabin Bag, Annabelle Sullivan

3rd       171 – Bridget’s Wedding Purse, Wendy Saclier

Category 14

Creative Clothing – Upcycle, Repurpose, Refashion

1st       177 – Kimono Transformation (Part 1), Helen Rose

2nd      176 – Denim and Lace, Kathy Pascoe

3rd       175 – Autumn Leaves – Spring Renewal, Carolyn Ho

Category 15

Quilts by children (primary)

1st       179 – Mountain Dreams, Atticus Jackson

2nd      180 – My House, Indigo Jackson

3rd       182 — My first quilt, Hannah Sterland

Highly Commended:184 – Red Rainbow, Annabelle Vial

Category 16

Quilts by youth (secondary)

1st       187 – Spirited Anzac, Ineka Voigt

2nd      186 – Snowflakes in the Air, Kristina Butron


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Exhibition Sales Room

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At the Canberra Quilters Exhibition there is a Sales Room where members are able to sell their wares. This has become famous for the quality and the variety. Here are some shots taken on set-uo day (yesterday) to give you an idea of the bounty available.

The fluoro vests are all part of the set-up. It is a construction site and we must abide by OH & S rules.

The exhibition runs from 10-4.30 over the next four days at Exhibition Park, Canberra

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