October 8, 2015 | Posted in:Art Quilters Canberra, Meetings

The next meeting of the Art Quilters is this Saturday, 10 October, from 1pm in the CQ room. The activity of the day will be mono-printing.

Our next mini-workshop/ requirements list from Anieta:

“How about we explore monoprints by applying paint to glass, swirling etc with sticks, cotton buds and combs before placing pieces of fabric on them and rubbing to lift off the print.  I am trying this right now.  I have a dozen pieces of glass for people to use and they can bring their own paints in a variety of types plus things to make marks like sticks stamps corks etc. They will also need a brayer if they have one and pieces of fabric”.

Don’t forget to bring show & tell – including books of interest and results of workshops you have attended.

Quilt in banner is by Andrea McMillan – Open Your Mind


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