Small Japanese Projects meeting- 28 May

The meeting is on Wednesday 28 May, 10am-12pm

Yvonne Williams will demonstrate how to make folded flowers from the book called Fabled Flowers by Kumiko Sudo.

kumiko sudo fabled flowers

If time permits we can try to do three different flowers.  You may wish to prepare fabric for each as follows –

1.  Dogtooth Violet

Make a triangle template with each side measuring 5 and 1/4″ long, make a mark 1/2 way along each side and note “no seams allowed”.

Using triangle template mark triangle on 2 contrasting fabrics and cut out adding seam allowance (approx 1/4 “) or slightly less. Sew right sides together leaving an opening along the middle of one side.

2.  Field Clover

Make a template of a circle 4″ in diameter – no seams allowed

using the circle template mark a circle on 2 fabrics in contrasting colours cut out adding seam allowance as above.  Sew circles with right sides together leaving an opening for turning.

3.  Clematis

Make 3 templates, the diameters of each are

(A) 4  5/8″ (four and five eighth inches)

(B) 4″

(C) a little more than 1″

Adding 1/8″ seam allowance, cut

9 of size A

1 of circle size B, and

1 of circle size C for flower centre.  No sewing needed.

The above is sufficient to make 1 flower for each different variety, plus a bud and a budding flower for the clematis.

Small amounts of  fabric for leaves and stems, stems could be bias strips, Yvonne will advise on width of strips later.

Background fabric for a block could be between 12 to 15″ square, batting and backing would need to be the same size.

There are many images on Pinterest that illustrate these folded flowers. Here is a link

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