ROWmakers round 3 revealed on 14 May, round 4 elements chosen

At the ROWmakers meeting on Wednesday the round 3 results were revealed and are shown below.  The ingredient pool that can be incorporated is RED and / or  CIRCLES/CURVES and something related to C and/ or V.


The quilting will meet the ingredient component for each round…Karin
Test blocks- these could change…Liz
Another butterfly from Pat
Two more in the eye-spy collection

round3_14 round3_13 round3_12 round3_11 round3_10 round3_9 round3_8 round3_7 round3_6 round3_15 round3_4 round3_2

Liv brought her completed effort from the 2012 design challenge:


Here is a message from convenor Joanne:

Here are the INGREDIENTS chosen at Wednesday’s meeting – and they’re “Quite Interesting” to quote a popular TV show!

. BLACK (Sandra Trimble)

 . 3D/Fabric folding (Audrey Cureton)

 . ‘W’ (Liv Gee)

 . ‘L’ (Leah Clark-Vial).

Remember – 2 out of 4 is all you need. This may be quite important this month. Achieving all of them would be a challenge, but I’m sure some of you will manage it.

I’m really enjoying seeing the quilts develop. One of the advantages (for the audience, but maybe not the makers) is that you can see the whole quilt each time. They really look fantastic and I’m looking forward to the next installment.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday 11 June. I hope the car parks will be finished by then, but I wouldn’t hold my breath!

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