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There were lots of people flowing in to see the exhibition and to watch the demonstrations. ABC Radio had some quilt related spots on Friday afternoon – interrupted by the David Eastman news. Here is a link to an item about members Beth and Trevor Reid and their quilts.

Quilts for Others (QFO) are this year sewing quilts for the Common Ground project. Bernina offer three machines for use by QFO during the course of the exhibition.

Pat and Jocelyn get some instruction on the Bernina

Pat and Jocelyn get some instruction on the Bernina


Donna sewing Magic Nine Patch blocks for a quilt for Common Ground

day1_japanese bay

Some of the quilts in the Japanese area of the exhibition


We have a lot of starry quilts this year


Gwen and Ann check out the student award-winner’s quilt


Lots of viewers in the garden section of the exhibition

day1_crowd brights bay

Crowd being dazzled by the “brights”

day1_healing hearts

Healing Hearts quilt by Jenny Bowker and SCQuilters

The quilting community is well known for sending good thoughts to others when they are ill. The online group Southern Cross Quilters (SCQuilters) sent Jenny Bowker 100 Healing Hearts to help lift her spirits. Jenny put together the top and Bobbie Hudd quilted it on her long arm machine. The quilt was awarded first place in the Group Quilt category (sponsored by Wabi-Sabi Designs) and also the Excellence in Machine Quilting (frame system) award. The latter is sponsored by the Australian Machine Quilting Association.


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