Exhibition Reminders – Delivery Day 9 August

This Saturday is exhibit delivery day – quilts and creative clothing. You deliver them to the Canberra Quilters room between 9am and 4.30pm.

Your quilt or CC will be checked in, measured, tagged and sorted, ready for photography, judging and hanging. Please make sure your quilt has an appropriate hanging sleeve and has a label on the back with the quilt name, your name and contact details. The sleeve instructions are here  Clothing needs to be labelled as well, and delivered on a hanger in a garment bag, or a labelled bag if it is an accessory.

You can check you roster shifts when you deliver your items, drop off your raffle books and money and buy a pre-paid entry ticket.

An important change for the volunteer rostering is that we will NOT be having ticketed entry as previously advised, as Expertise Events decided not to go with tis option. Instead we will be using the door list system as has been the case in previous years. If you are unsure how this works contact one of the exhibition sub-committee, listed on the front cover of the exhibition pack or to blog@canberraquilters.org.au

Delivery Day for Sales Room items is 20 August, at EPIC, between 10am and 1pm.


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