QFO drop off / collection session : 4 August

The Quilts for Others group is having a drop off / collection session on Tuesday 4 August, from 10am until 12.30pm. COVID 19 safety rules apply. If you have a quilt to drop off or would like a quilt to work on, this is your opportunity.  

A Message from the CQ President- Bushfire Response

This morning members would have received the following in an email from our President, Raylee Bielenberg: Our New Year has been smothered in smoke and full of concern for those affected by the bushfires.  Many of us have friends and family in the areas that have been burned or are still in danger from the… Continue reading A Message from the CQ President- Bushfire Response

QFO handover to CanTeen

QFO handover to Canteen QFO representatives recently met with the people from CanTeen to hand over two of the ten floor quilts being made for the organisation. CanTeen bandannas were used as a basis for the quilts. Below is an image of the handover: QFO makes quilts to donate to charities and organizations in the… Continue reading QFO handover to CanTeen

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