QFO handover to CanTeen

QFO handover to Canteen

QFO representatives recently met with the people from CanTeen to hand over two of the ten floor quilts being made for the organisation. CanTeen bandannas were used as a basis for the quilts. Below is an image of the handover:

QFO makes quilts to donate to charities and organizations in the Canberra region. In 2017 over 300 quilts were made and donated and it is approaching that number in 2018.

QFO regularly receives donations of fabric, for which we are very grateful. At present we are in need of fabric suitable for backings, so if any members are having a clean out over Christmas you could consider donating fabric to QFO. Lengths of one metre or larger are suitable, but we cannot use furnishing fabrics. The dates for the first working bees in 2019 are: February 12, March 12, April 9.

L to R Janice Nangle , CanTeen members, Leslie Hodgson, Pat Parker, Pat Godden
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