May 2, 2014 | Posted in:CQ Events, What's On

Canberra Quilters has a booth at the Creative Textile Show (2-4 May at the Canberra Convention Centre). We have a small display of quilts as well as the raffle quilt- as well as selling raffle tickets.

Here is Karin Malmberg on duty today:

creative textile_2

Another member Rosemary Butt is test driving the Sweet Sixteen. under the guidance of Member Helen Godden:

creative textile_1

photos courtesy of Linda Magee

Come along and see what is on offer- don’t forget the Living Colour and SAlt quilts are on show as well as some of The Sentinel quilts. This author bought a book on bag making, some beautiful hand dyed silk yarn to use for embroidery and some vintage beads for embellishment- all in  about 20 minutes.

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