Modern Quilt group – 8 May

Jan Kates is hosting the meeting on 8 May, with Michelle Law. Start time is 7.30pm. Here is a message from Jan about the evening’s activity:

For the MQ May meeting I will be making a very quick/simple table runner that can be used for a gift idea, or your own of course. You don’t have to make one – bring your own project as usual if you prefer. For those that would like to make the runner, as opposed to just observing me, bring the following: 

  • Feature fabric, WOF (width of fabric) about 30cm wide
  • Co-ordinating Fabric, WOF about 45cm wide.

These measures do not have to be exact, so don’t sweat it. The backing does need to be about 15 cm wider than the feature (front) fabric. You WILL see the “backing” on the front, hence the use of the word “co-ordinating” – you need to like your two fabric choices together. 

Bring a sewing machine or share one with a friend. This is very quick so sharing works.

I do realise this is technically not a quilt as there is no batting or 3rd layer. Once you have made one and get the process, you can adapt the process to accommodate using iron-on pellon and quilting to produce a desired effect if you choose to. Of course you may feel confident enough to bring the pellon and do just that first up. 

See you on the 8th. We will do this after the usual  chantelle.

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