Workshop News- Quilt like an Egyptian, 26th & 27th July

We are lucky enough to be able to have the Tentmakers of Cairo run 2 one day workshops for us here at the Canberra Quilters rooms in Cook on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th July and would like to extend an invitation to you all.

The cost of a one day workshop is $90 to both members and non members.

“The Tentmakers of Cairo sustain a spectacular aspect of Egypt’s living heritage. Their ancestors made the majestic traveling tents of the Ottoman Empire, and today they produce intricate textile artworks that are unique to Egypt. These are called Khayamiya, or Egyptian Tentmaker Applique.”  – Dr Sam Bowker.

Tentmaker work is brilliantly coloured appliqué, with intricate and beautiful designs. Some are designed on paper-fold principles, others derived from Mosque floors or door decorations, or from wall panels in Pharaonic tombs. Some are based on Koranic calligraphy. As you can see from their work, they produce vibrant, colourful appliqué.

For more details or to enrol, please call the Canberra Quilters Workshop Coordinator, Valerie Merritt on 0448409819 or 02 62424796, or email her at

These images are from the previous workshops held for CQ by the Tentmakers of Cairo, in September 2013:


Examples of the Tent Makers work.
Crowding around to see the magic happen.


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