Rowmakers Design Group meeting report

At the last meeting of the group on 12 April the third round of choices was made. Members revealed their responses to the second round. Some members are unable to come to the meeting, but send in an image from afar. The image at the end of the post is from Felicity, who lives in Germany.

A quilt is made over the year by each member making their own rows, or blocks or items like bags. A list of ingredients is released at the beginning of the year and at each meeting two items are chosen to incorporate into that month’s design challenge. One will be a colour and one will be an additive. For instance- each row contains two “ingredients”, e.g. purple and geometry, but in whatever way the maker chooses. As the name shows, this can be a noisy group! So far we have had:

# Colours Additives Inspirations
1 Turquoise Paints/ pencils/ dyes/ ink Letters
2 Red Recycled/ leftovers/ found objects Earth, water, fire and air
3 Purple Geometry Celebrations

(Remember that you can choose an INSPIRATION for the whole year or be inspired by what’s chosen on a month-by-month basis. Up to you.)

The May meeting is on the 10th, 10am for a 10.30am start.

Felicity’s block

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