April 23, 2017 | Posted in:Japanese

The next meeting of the Small Japanese Projects group is on Wednesday 26 April from 10am until 12 noon. It is followed by a drop-in until 4pm.

This month’s project is a Fabric Origami Star, pictured below:

The requirements list is as follows:

  • Small sharp scissors
  • Tweezers or fine jewellery pliers
  • Small bulldog clip or Clover quilting clip
  • Coordinating Sashiko thread or equivalent to sew on as hanging loop
  • Needle and thread
  • 4 Coordinating cotton fabrics each cut 13” x 3½’’ prepared as follows:
    • Fold in half lengthwise and iron. Using spray starch helps to keep the folds crisp.
    • Open fold and iron both long sides into middle crease. Close up strip and iron well.

You may want to bring enough strips to make 2 stars. They are very easy when you get the hang of folding the strips.

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