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ROWmakers is a group of members who meet monthly to participate in a year-long design challenge- resulting in a quilt at the end of the year. It started with a row-style quilt in 2011, but has since evolved into anything goes. The basic principle is that each month’s ingredients are incorporated.

The reveal of the round 9 responses occurred on 9 November. This was the final round and some people already had quilt tops and quilts for display.

The Christmas meeting will be on 14 December. To go into the draw for a voucher from one of Canberra Quilters’ sponsors, KimoYES, you need to bring this year’s quilt top (or completed quilt for the ambitious!). For those two members who made Blankets of Love, they will go into the draw even if their work has been handed over.

For a Christmas swap, please bring a piece of fabric 10″ square or a fat eighth, with some co-ordinating bits and pieces. These could include buttons and beads or strips and scraps. Place it all in a brown paper bag and go into the draw! Make something out of your luckydip bag to reveal at the first meeting of 2017 on Feb 8.

Please bring a small plate of food to share at the Christmas morning tea on 14 December.

Here are the reveals from 9 November:


Jill’s quilt is well advanced



Liz’s quilt needs a border!


Karin’s block 9, quilt as you go method


Kay decided to start again!


Heather continues her black, white and brights


Jacquie’s house

round9_12 round9_9 round9_8 round9_6



June went back to basics with a row quilt and it is finished.

A couple of members( Dianne & Leonie) produced Blankets of Love each month. Here is a selection:

round9_4 round9_3



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