ROWmakers resumes on 10 September

After having a break for the exhibition period the ROWmakers design challenge resumes tomorrow, 10 September. Room opens at 10am for a 10.30 start.

We are three quarters of the way through – having had six combinations to work on, two more to go. Hope you can all bring some show and tell so that we can see have you have progressed. Here is a reminder of what has been drawn out so far:

Round # Colour Technique Alphabet
1 Pink Liberated/ Improvised G Z
2 Orange Diamonds/ Hexagons K F
3 Red Circles/ Curves C V
4 Black 3D/ Fabric Folding W L
5 Blue Traditional Piecing E P
6 Warm Crazy Piecing S H

The ROWmakers get together is immediately followed by the Bill’s Girls (William Morris applique) group and the normal drop-in until 4pm.

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