September 16, 2014 | Posted in:Row-by-row Challenge

The ROWmakers design group met last Wednesday to reveal the latest results of their design challenge. This is round 6. Here are some images of the quilts/ blocks displayed. Images are courtesy of Karin Malmberg.

round6_11 round6_10 round6_9 round6_8 round6_7 round6_6 round6_5 round6_4 round6_3 round6_2 round6_1

Here is an edited message from convenor Joanne:

We also had a useful preliminary discussion about next year’s Rowmakers – new ideas are in the offing!

On top of that we discussed what we’d be doing at the rest of this year’s meetings. 

 . October 8th will be our final list of ingredients.

 . November 12th will be a “progress” meeting and a full discussion about next year.

 . December 10th will be our big Show-an-Tell and our ‘bring-a-plate’ Christmas get-together.

 This month’s ingredients are:-

 . PURPLE (Elaine Wilson)

 . APPLIQUE (June Carthy)

 . “A” (Heather Hannemann)

 . “T” (Karin Malmberg)



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