Rowmakers meeting – 9 April

The next meeting of ROWmakers will be on Wednesday 9 April, 10am for a 10.30 start. This will be the third meeting of the year with the second “block” to be revealed.

At the March meeting there were 41 people – with lots of great show and tell.  As well as the start of a number of quilts there were also bags and clothing. If you want to join in it’s not too late as there are a couple of us that are still thinking about our first block!

The ingredients chosen for the 2nd block/bag/item are:

  • The COLOUR INGREDIENT is ORANGE (Kay Provins).
  • The first ALPHABET INGREDIENT is “K” (Kris Banks).
  • The second ALPHABET INGREDIENT is “F” (Leonie McPherson).

Remember, the guideline is – at least one of COLOUR and TECHNIQUE, and at least one of the ALPHABET choices. You certainly don’t have to include them all (though a number of people managed to do so for their first block!) Some suggestions for the alphabet choices in case you get stuck, e.g. for “K” there is kite, kaleidoscope, Kaffe Fassett fabric (also covers off the letter “F”), and for “F’ there are fruit, flowers, and many four and five patch blocks.

Here are some of the blocks/rows shown in March, in response to Pink, Liberated/ Improvised, G or Z:

round1_17 round1_16 round1_15 round1_14 round1_13 round1_12 round1_11 round1_10 round1_9 round1_8 round1_7 round1_6 round1_5 round1_4 round1_3 round1_2 round1_1 round1_24 round1_23 round1_22 round1_21 round1_20 round1_19 round1_18


Straight after the ROWmakers meeting is the get together of the William Morris group (Bill’s Girls) – these ladies are interested in the William Morris style of applique and are working on projects started with Michelle Hill.

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