Rowmakers meeting – 9 April…it was bright

The ROWmakers meeting held on 9 April revealed some more blocks. Here are some images, courtesy of Christine Stewart:



The combinations for the next (3rd) round are:

. RED (Di Ballantyne)

. CIRCLES/CURVES (Jenny Petersen)

. “C” (Annette Dziedzic)

. “V” (Pat Savas)

You could go “all red” and choose cerise for C and vermillion for V,  use spotted fabric to meet the circles/ curves ingredient, or use blocks starting with C- Churn Dash, Cotton Reels, Chinese Lantern, Colorado Star, Cross Roads; or V – Virginia Star, Virginia Compass (by Jinny Beyer) , Variable Star, Vermont Maple Leaf.

So far:

Round 1 was Pink, Liberated/ Improvised, G or Z

Round 2 was Orange, Diamonds/ Hexagons, K or F

Remember, the guideline is – at least one of COLOUR and TECHNIQUE, and at least one of the ALPHABET choices. You certainly don’t have to include them all (though a number of people managed to do so for their first block!)

Next meeting is Wednesday 14 May, 10am for a 10.30 start, until noon, followed by the William Morris (Bill’s Girls) interest group.

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