ROWmakers meeting – 14 September

The next ROWmakers design group meeting is on Wednesday 14 September, 10am for a 10.30 start, in the CQ room at Cook.

Two lots of responses are due as we had a double draw in July to take account of the missed meeting in August. These are the elements drawn at the July meeting:

Round 6-  Purple,  Vintage, & the letter “F”

Round 7- Turquoise, Something New, & the letter “L”

Here are the blocks brought to the July meeting:


round5_1 round5_16 round5_15 round5_14 round5_13 round5_12 round5_11 round5_10 round5_9 round5_8 round5_7 round5_6 round5_5 round5_4 round5_3

Following the meeting is a drop-in until 4pm, incorporating the William Morris interest group (Bill’s Girls).

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