ROWmakers first meeting

The first meeting was held on 14 February.

These are the ingredients chosen for the first round:

  • Colour – GREEN
  • Technique – SCRAPS
  • Alphabet – A

The ROWmakers is a design group that meets once a month on the second Wednesday, February – December. The purpose of the group is to design and make a unique quilt-related project, over the course of the year. (ROW=Rowdy on Wednesday)

A quilt (or another item) is made over the year by each member making their own rows, or blocks or items like bags. A list of ingredients is released at the beginning of the year and at each meeting three items are chosen to incorporate into that month’s design challenge. One will be a colour, one will be a technique and the third will be a letter of the alphabet. Not all three ingredients have to be included, two will be enough. With the technique category, you may decide to choose one technique at the beginning of the year for the whole quilt and then ignore the technique ingredient drawn out each month.

This is the list we will be choosing from this year. February’s choices will be posted after the meeting.

# Colours Techniques Alphabet
1 Red Adapt-a-block (we’ll talk about this at the meeting A, B, C, D, E, F,
G, H ,I, J, K,L,
M, N, O, P,Q,
R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.
2 Pink Appliqué
3 Orange Embellishment
4 Yellow Foundation piecing
5 Green Improvisation
6 Turquoise Modern quilting
7 Blue Piecing
8 Purple Pre-cuts/strips
9 Brown Scraps
10 Neutral Tradition with a twist



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