ROWmakers 2021 – final list

Joanne West, the convenor of the ROWmakers design group, has released the final combination of ingredients for the year. We are still unable to meet in our normal numbers, so we will have to wait until the COVID safety rules are relaxed a bit.

In the meantime, share your creation over on the CQ members page on Facebook. This is a private group that you need to sign up for, but you are then free to post.

Here is the 2021 list of ingredients:

Month 1 – Yellow, Triangle, Music Group/Artist

Month 2 – Purple, Irregular, Book

Month 3 – Green, Diamond, Saying

Month 4 – Brown, Star, Song

Month 5 – Grey, Octagon, Myth/Legend

Month 6 – Blue, Circle/Curve, Poetry

Month 7 – Orange, Rectangle, Art

7A – Turquoise, Hexagon, Zodiac

7B – Red, Fan, Fairy Tale/Nursery Rhyme

Month 8 – Pink, Heart, Cartoon

Month 9 – White, Ellipse, TV Show

9A – Black, Square, Film

The plan is to start again in February 2022 on the 2nd Wednesday.

(Image in banner is my effort (Liz Rose) for ROWmakers from a previous year. Image by Janet Cruise.

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