August 28, 2011 | Posted in:Row-by-row Challenge

In July our 5th row was due. The elements to be included were the colour green and flowers, trees or leaves.
The quilts are starting to form into cohesive works now – colour themes and styles are more obvious. Japanese styles, beige/ cream pallette, white background, yellow background, garden-themed, child-themed – the variety is amazing given we are incorporating the same elements each row.
In some ways this is testing members to keep with their chosen direction and also incorporate the chosen elements.

We have had a break for the month of August because the annual exhibition was on, but the next meeting is only 2 1/2 weeks away so it is time to get sewing. The elements chosen for inclusion are hearts and applique.
This could be a trial for those who have pieced everything so far (your truly).
See you on 14 September for a 10.30 start. This will be our 6th row – we will be three quarters of the way with our rows.
Liz Rose

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