Retreat at home planned for 24-27 January

Many quilters go on retreats to get some intense sewing activity done, away from the distractions of home. For those of you who can’t travel, but would like to set aside time for intense sewing activity we have planned a “Retreat at Home” in the CQ room at Cook. It will run from 1pm Friday 24 January (after the Friendly Friday meeting), through the Australia Day long weekend.

Members can book a table and come to sew for 3 and a half days (or just one or two days). Each day the room will be open from 9.30 until 4.30pm and you can leave you sewing gear overnight and come back the next morning. You will need to bring your lunch, but tea and coffee are supplied.  As it is aimed at members who want to machine sew, spaces are limited because of the number of tables we have available-  you need to book a spot through emailing Liz Rose ( ) or phoning her on the numbers in the Canberra Quilters newsletter, Connecting Threads.

If you want to come to hand sew, or use the pinning table, cutting table or design walls you are welcome. Just let us know – June Carthy, Jill Kennedy or your blogger Liz Rose. I am using the time to quilt a quilt for our Common Ground project.

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