Modern Quilts meeting – 10 April

The Modern Quilts group meets this Thursday, 10 April, at 7.30pm.

Michelle and Jenny are unable to make the meeting so the stand-in leaders are Gemma Jackson and Jan Kates.

Gemma has something special to show everyone:

Binding quilts is my least favourite part of quilting.  At one point I realised that I was accumulating unbound quilts as I just couldn’t face all that hand stitching.  (Yes, I know some people claim it’s relaxing, I claim that of quilting 😉 )  Since I discovering machine binding I haven’t looked back!  This week I’m going to share a couple of different machine binding techniques.  I will do a demonstration, but you are more than welcome to bring your own quilt to try it out yourself 🙂

You will need:

  • Trimmed quilt (of any size).
  • Binding prepared (I cut mine at 2.25″, join on the bias and press in half lengthways with right side out).
  • Sewing machine with walking foot.  If you have a walking foot with a guide (like a blind hem foot),  please bring it too.
  • Small bulldog clips or hair clips or clover clips or similar
  • Usual sewing supplies
  • I find a quilting glove helps

 You may wish to apply your binding to your quilt to save time, but please note that I will be showing you one technique which requires you to apply your binding to the back and one which requires you to apply your binding to the front.   

TIP: to work out how much binding you need add together the length of the four sides of your quilt and then add an extra 15″.  Divide the total by 40″.  This will give you how many strips of WOF (width of fabric) you need for your binding.  

For example.  My quilt is 40″ x 65″  = 210 +15 = 225     225 / 40 = 5.6  so I need 6 WOF strips for my binding.  I cut my strips at 2.25″ 

I look forward to seeing you Thursday!


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