Face-to-face meetings return in February

The February e-bulletin came out this morning with the great news that face-to-face meetings return in February, within the COVIDSAFE rules. Here is an extract of the bulletin with all the details:

Great news, we are returning to face to face meetings in February. Appropriate COVID safe precautions will be in force and of course our plans are subject to government policy changes on COVID, but we are going to be holding a meeting in the hall at Cook on Thursday evening, February 4th, starting at 7.30pm. The Wonderful Wednesday on Wednesday 17th will also be in the hall starting at 9.30amand Friendly Friday in our room on Friday 26th.

We are required to keep a list of attendees for insurance purposes and also for COVID tracking. We now have a QR code which can be used as you enter the hall or room to register using the Check in CBR app if you have that on your smart phone. The app allows you to check in guests so if you are coming with a member who does not use a smart phone you can check in for both of you. If you do not use the app you will need to do a manual check-in on entry. For ease of record keeping we would also appreciate it if members who are intending to come could book in online before hand, you can do this at our meeting checkin (see links below).

Any member who would like to attend on the Thursday or Wednesday may do so, whether or not they book in, but it will make the entry to the hall must speedier if you can book if at all possible. Because Friendly Friday is held in the room numbers will be limited to 24, so please book for that so you won’t miss out. If you would feel more comfortable wearing a mask please bring your own, we will provide hand sanitizer.

We look forward to seeing you again.

Meeting bookings:
To book to attend a meeting click below:

  1. Thursday evening
  2. Wonderful Wednesday
  3. Friendly Friday

Sit and Sew:
The Sit and Sew booking sheet for February is now available on the website. Although the attendance limit is now 24 we are still asking you to book for these sessions. You can download the conditions for using the room here: Covid-19 Safety Plan

View calendar for February

To book a space at one of the sessions click here:  Booking form

You can also book by going to our website and clicking the link on the calendar page.

Although we are happy for you to book for more that one session if the demand is high we may have to limit the number of sessions that can be attended by any particular member.

2021 Membership payment
Membership for 2021 can be renewed online, by direct deposit or by sending a cheque to the Membership Secretary. If you make a direct deposit, please make sure you let the Membership Secretary know your details. We also plan to have payment days at the Cook rooms on library and QFO drop-off days.


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