December 15, 2013 | Posted in:member activity, What's On

There is a drop-in planned for the 3rd Wednesday of this month – from 10am until 3pm. This is for anyone who wants to use the space for last minute sewing before we break for Christmas and New Year.

The normal Wonderful Wednesday meeting is in recess until January, but here are some images from the Christmas meeting, held in November:

ww_nov_9 ww_nov_8 ww_nov_7 ww_nov_6 ww_nov_5 ww_nov_3 ww_nov_2 ww_nov_1

Show and Tell:

ww_nov_showntell_5 ww_nov_showntell_4 ww_nov_showntell_3 ww_nov_showntell_2 ww_nov_showntell_1


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