The UFO Pledge – 2013 and 2014

The UFO Pledge will be on again for 2014. In 2009 and 2010 Canberra Quilters ran a program where you signed a pledge to complete an UnFinished Object (UFO) by the end of the year. It ran again in 2013 and members expressed interest for it to happen again next year.

Whether you call it a UFO or a WIP (Work in Progress) most people have something started that has stalled for some reason and they would like to finish. Here is your chance to get motivated. Sign the pledge and commit to finishing!

Here are some of the 2013 pledge quilts revealed at the Wonderful Wednesday meeting in November 2013. There were more 2013 pledge quilts revealed at the December meeting. Images for these are on the Canberra Quilters Instagram page – see them here

ufopledge_1 ufopledge_2 ufopledge_3 ufopledge_4

For 2014-

The rules are simple – sign the pledge certificate and hand in to Elizabeth Rose by 19 February 2014 (Wonderful Wednesday). You are committing to complete your quilt by December 2014 and reveal it at either (or both) the Wonderful Wednesday meeting on 19 November 2014 or the evening meeting on 4 December 2014. The pledge certificate was in the December issue of Connecting Threads and is available in the CQ room. Or get the PDF version here .

You will need to nominate a specific project on the pledge and be ready to show the completed quilt at the meetings mentioned above. The project needs to have already started! You may choose to show the incomplete UFO and tell the story at a meeting in 2014. In the past some members have chosen to break their pledge into parts. For example, completing the hand appliqué for a top one year and then quilting and finishing the quilt the next year.

Want help, support, guidance or just space?

To help you stay motivated and work on your UFO the 3rd and 4th Wednesday afternoon drop-ins will be designated “UFO Days” in 2014. Come along for some help and to offer support for others. The drop-in co-ordinators on those days help you overcome any problems. Tea lady Christine Stewart is planning ‘Tea Lady’ drop-ins (10am-3pm) for months that have a 5th Wednesday- January, April and July. So this is an opportunity to come for the whole day.

You may want to use the design walls in the room to help you with layout. Or you could use the pinning table when the time has come to put your 3 layers together. Do you need some info on how to get something done, like squaring up your quilt or binding? How are you going to quilt it? We will be there to help you.


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