Challenge 2015 – Send me a Message

Every year Canberra Quilters has a quilt challenge theme category at the exhibition. For 2015 the theme chosen by the main committee is ‘Send me a Message’.

Members can choose to respond to the theme anyway they like in their quilt as long as it meets the size requirements of 70cm x 50cm, portrait or landscape orientation. The challenge quilts generally travel as a group to other quilt groups during the subsequent year.

There are many ways you could send a message – a love letter written on the quilt, some social phenomenon that you want to make comment upon. A coded message through language, colour or blocks. The quilt itself could be the message – peace, the environment or landscape, commercialism, influence of social media, a portrait of your city or loved one. There are many possibilities for you to consider. What would you like to say?

Enter your items in the Annual Members Exhibition, held in August 2015. You have until June to submit an entry. The entry pack will be available in mid 2015 with Connecting Threads and online. Only financial members as at 31 March are eligible to enter the exhibition.

Some previous years’┬áchallenge quilts:

138 - Grey Lines, Annabelle Sullivan 134- What came first?, Kay Provins 127- Permanence and Impermanence, Karen Brown

Quilt 138 130- Canberra Narrative - Celebrating a Century, Frances Buscombe

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