Beginner’s Taste of Patchwork day

Our workshop coordinator, Valerie Merritt, organized and ran an introductory “Taste of…” workshop on Saturday 1st October, for people who had expressed an interest in Patchwork and Quilting at the Quilt and Craft Fair in August.  The workshop covered the basic elements and the women attending had a go at creating a simple block.

The success of the day was thanks to Valerie’s thorough planning and our amazing volunteers. The visitors rotated through a variety of activities; Jenny Bowker and Marcia McKinnon ran demonstrations of creating simple blocksand Janet Gahan outlined the safe use of rotary cutters,with her group cutting for those making ‘quilt as you go’strip blocks on the machines.  Karen Brown and Christine Stewart helped the ladies on the machines who were putting their strips together.

KimoYes  kindly donated fabric for the day and, together with other fabric donated by volunteers, gave the ladies attending their very first ‘stash’ to take home.

The day was a wonderful success, with the excitement levels up and a lot of fun was had by all those attending, including the CQ members!

We showed our library to the group and talked about the benefits they would get by joining the guild. They were invited to come along to the next Wonderful Wednesday meeting and/or the members’ night meeting on 6 October. So next Thursday night, if you see a new person with a big ‘new Quilter’ badge on, do please welcome them and make them feel at home.


demo-day_1 demo-day_2



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