Art Quilters meeting – 12 March

This Saturday the art quilters will be meeting in the CQ room, from 1pm. Here is a message from convenor, Buffy:

Patricia will be showing her photos from the Open European Quilt Championship

We need a new challenge to get us going … please give it some thought this week and present a suggestion or two.  I will too.

 Mini-workshop:  I have been looking at Sherrill Kahn’s most recent book, Mixed-Media Master Class, and I thought we might try give one of her methods (if you have the book, see page 39) So please bring a small piece of white fabric, watercolour pencils or Inktense pencils or blocks, paint brushes, oil pastel sticks, stencil brush and the usual stuff: protection for the table, something to put a bit of water in, paper towels, etc.

Please bring Show&Tell and any new books, etc.


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