2021 Virtual Exhibition

Welcome to the Canberra Quilters’ first online exhibition!

In the past Canberra Quilters’ has run an Annual Exhibition in August/September in conjunction with Expertise Events Craft and Quilt Fair. Unfortunately in 2021 Covid restrictions meant we were unable to have a “live” exhibition, but didn’t want our members to miss out for the second year running. We are proud to bring you this collection of quilts by our talented members.

Canberra Quilters’ virtual exhibition was inspired by the Tasmanian Quilting Guild’s Island Quilts virtual exhibition.  We thank Lynne Hargreaves and her team for their support.  Their virtual exhibition can be viewed here.

Canberra Quilters is very grateful to all our sponsors for their encouragement of our members and their craft. Without them we we would not be able to offer prizes to our winning quilters. A list of all of our sponsors with their contact details is HERE.

A list of all prize winners, the sponsors that donated the prize, and the recipient is HERE.

Viewer’s Choice
Viewer’s Choice is a special award that is voted on by those who view the exhibition. Normally we would have voting slips for visitors to the exhibition, as this was not possible this year we invited visitors to our online exhibition to vote for their favourite quilt! The winner is Jakki Cashman for her quilt “Peaks of Pleasure”

Navigating the Online Exhibition
To open a gallery, click on an image above a category name in the album below. Within a gallery, clicking on the photo will turn the caption on/off, hovering your cursor over an image will zoom, and using the arrows on the right of the page will move you to the next quilt in the gallery.