2021 Exhibition Awards and Sponsors

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Bernina Best of Show Award

Lyn Keogh, 140: Coming home

Bernina Australia

Bernina Amateur Encouragement Award

Janet Cruise, 96: And One for Us

Bernina Australia

Bernina School Student Encouragement award

Ebony-Rose Cronin, 144: Fun and Funky

Bernina Australia

1. Challenge Quilt

First Lyn Keogh, 33: Florabunda The Sewing Shoppe
Second Valerie Merritt, 34: Sweet Flora Breathing Flowers The Sewing Shoppe
Third Dell Armistead, 29: The Sewing Shoppe

2. Mixed Media Quilt

FirstCarolyn Sullivan , 44: My New DressMakerie By Hand
SecondLaraine Culnane, 43: A window of hopeQuality Always

3. Art Quilt

FirstJennifer Bowker, 45: PodVictorian Textiles
SecondCarolyn Sullivan, 56: Far AwayQuality Always
ThirdRosemary Butt, 58: GriefVictorian Textiles

4. Group quilt

FirstBuffy Beggs and others, 58: Bushfire 2020 Hobbysew
SecondMonika McKinlay and others, 60: Our quilting universeQuilting Always
ThirdDesley Ferguson, 67: At my husband’s requestVictorian Textiles

5. Commercially Quilted Quilt

FirstRobyn Oats, 72: My FlockHobbysew
SecondMarie Reed, 74: Fascination with LucyQuilting Always
ThirdDesley Ferguson, 67: At my husband’s requestVictorian Textiles

6. Tiny Treasures Quilt

FirstWilma Cawley, 83: Gone pottyMakerie By Hand,
Wabi Sabi Designs
SecondValerie Merritt, 85: Flowers and flourishesWabi Sabi Designs
ThirdJenny White, 86: Flowers IIIVictorian Textiles

7. Wearable Art

FirstWendy Saclier, 88: Feline FlairBeBe Bold
SecondAnne Laffan, 87: Sashiko bag and scarf
ThirdDonna Sunderland, 89: Out of the box #2The Creative Edge

8. Large Quilt (Amateur)

FirstJanet Cruise, 96: And one for usMakerie By Hand
SecondKaren Brown, 93: Look tiger, I’m a tiger tooMakerie By Hand
ThirdHelen Rose, 111: Pieces from JapanMakerie By Hand
Highly commendedJakki Cashman, 94: Peaks of Pleasure

9. Small Quilt (Amateur)

FirstClementine O’Sullivan, 122: Wedge Quilt SamplerThe Sewing Shoppe
SecondWendy Hirst, 120: Japanese InspirationSunflower Stitcheries and Quilting
ThirdVirginia Buring, 115: My Arlo QuiltVictorian Textiles

10. Large Quilt (Professional)

FirstMary Kennedy, 132: New YorkMakerie By Hand
SecondJennifer Bowker, 129: Light at the end of the tunnelQuality Always
ThirdBeth Miller, 135: 20 years in the making
Highly commendedTherese Rankmore, 136: Black Summer 

11. Small Quilt (Professional)

FirstLyn Keogh, 140: Coming homeVictorian Textiles
SecondBeth and Trevor Reid, 142: Let’s DanceQuilting Always
ThirdMonika McKinlay, 141: Chaos and Order

12. Quilts by Children (up to year 6)

First Marilyn Mewett, 145: Down on the farmMakerie By Hand
SecondEbony-Rose Cronin, 144: Fun and FunkySunflower Stitcheries and Quilting
ThirdAimee O’Sullivan, 147: Rainbow Love-heart
Highly CommendedAimee O’Sullivan, 146: Kitty Cat Stripy SpotMimosa Interiors


Margaret Armistead AwardClaire Martin, 104: Sweet DreamsMargaret Armistead Bequest
Allan Armistead Junior Encouragement AwardDaniel Campbell , 143: Counting ApplesAllan Armistead Bequest
Novice AwardClaire Martin, 104: Sweet DreamsHobbysew
Best Use of Colour Award
Highly commended 
Mary Kennedy, 132: New York
Dianne Firth, 50: Black River
Jocelyn Green and Helen Rose
Retaining the Tradition AwardLyn Keogh, 140: Coming home   Makerie By Hand
Excellence in Hand Quilting AwardCarolyn Sullivan, 56: Far awayWabiSabi Design
Stationary Machine Quilting Award Lyn Keogh, 140: Coming HomeJocelyn Green and Helen Rose
Moveable Machine Quilting AwardDebbie Edwards, 131: Colour PlayJocelyn Green and Helen Rose
Modern Quilting AwardBeth and Trevor Reid, 137: Moody Blues IIThe Sewing Shoppe
Embellishment AwardLyn Keogh, 140: Coming home The Creative Edge
Batik Fabric Award               Janet Cruise, 96: And One for Us Treasured Textiles, Elaine White