January 17, 2014 | Posted in:member activity

Here is a message from convenor Wendy:

Happy new year, everyone!

Lyn Steele promises us an inspiring talk about her recent trip to Japan. I’m sure she will have fascinating stories to tell, and perhaps some goodies to show as well. If you’re like me, you’re enthusiastically cuddled up to a quilt, machine quilting it sitting directly under a skylight where the heat pours down. But perhaps you aren’t like me….

Whatever project you have been working on, bring it along to show us all. Or perhaps you have some interesting shopping to show us, from your holidays?

I look forward to seeing you at our Cook rooms next Wednesday 10am until 12 noon, with drop-in to follow until 4pm.

craftsman hand colouring fabric Matsuri shop Asakusa June 2010_web

craftsman hand colouring fabric Matsuri shop Asakusa June 2010


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