Report on Jenny Bowker workshop


Workshop co-ordinator Valerie has provided the following information about the Kaleidoscope workshop held 17-18 September.

We were lucky enough to have Jenny Bowker run a two day workshop on designing and making a Kaleidoscope Quilt.  Jenny has a unique way of ‘building’ her designs from a grid of triangles and encouraged us to develop our own designs rather than copy hers.  It was surprising  to see so many different interpretations on the design walls.  We all commented on how lucky we are to have such well appointed rooms.  Jenny added that as well as an amazing workspace, the food was superb.


Jenny was generous with sharing her skills and knowledge, including handy hints for making templates, ways to border and bind quilts as well as her ideas around colour selection.  The amazing colours in the quilts Jenny brought in to show us, left us in no doubt that she is a master of colour selection.


The objective of the weekend workshop was not to ‘make a quit’ but to understand the concept behind a Kaleidoscope quilt and leave with the skills to find patterns within the basic grid pattern. Not that anyone wanted to leave, we reluctantly packed up at 4pm on Sunday with many promises to continue with the design and construction and to meet again in November for a follow up.  It will be interesting to see how everyone’s design develops.



  1. Would have loved to have done this workshop. Would the workshop co-ordinator please try to get her back to repeat this workshop next year before she retires? Thanks in anticipation!

  2. Jenny has kindly offered to run another workshop in 2017, we will finalise details and let everyone know before the end of the year.

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